Why Are You Terrified In Your Leadership Role?


It is not unusual for a person entering a corporate leadership role for the first time to feel overwhelmed or disoriented. This disoriented feeling is completely normal.

As a matter of fact, when my mentors originally told me that it is completely normal to feel disoriented, it was like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders.

As humans, any time that we do something that is out of our comfort zone, we are biologically programmed to go into fight, flight or just freeze mode. You will have to hijack that biological program of fear inside of you.
Your brain is designed to go where there is comfort. You will go where there is security and safety. It’s how we as humans have survived as a species for this long. When you start something unfamiliar, such as taking on a new leadership position, you will no longer be in your comfort zone.

The first time that you rise from an independent contributor or supervisor to a team leader, the higher the possibility your mind will feel overwhelmed.

So the next time you get that terrified sensation, be grateful that all your neurological systems are in check and that your body and brain are working perfectly. Just remember, when you get that disoriented feeling, it's part of the growth process.

Right now, all you need is the desire to be the best leader for your team. But just like in sports, in music, and in design—it’s going to require trial and error and a constant thirst to learn how to be the best manager. The best thing you can do right now is:  hijack fear, serve your team, and evolve as you go forward.

Michael Ian Cedar is a Coach at EngagedLeadership