The Key to Job Satisfaction: Must Read Solutions to Create Happiness at Work

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improve profitability with job happiness

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Executives have seen the studies again and again; People who are happy at work produce more, engage more and generally contribute significantly more to their work environment. The only secret, however, is what, exactly, makes employees happy?

If you can successfully unlock the key to job satisfaction, you’ll be able to lead your employees into the zen place where they contribute even more to the success of your company.  Let’s start with a pop quiz; Do you know the number one thing that employees cited as making them the most satisfied with their jobs?

Believe it or not, job security ranked as the most important factor in how satisfied folks were with work.  Simply, that means that your people need to know they have jobs and that their jobs are safe.

To do that, executive leaders need to communicate what’s happening with their business.  A few easy ways to keep employees in the loop:

affect job satisfaction with job happiness

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Executive coach Larry Seal recently worked with a client who was contracting for a business about to go under.  Started in 1930, they had a long, successful history.  However, as their product (print advertising) became obsolete, they had not gotten ahead of the curve fast enough to take action.

The executive leaders began to notice a distinct trend; Employees weren’t just unhappy, they rarely liked or had positive things to say about their jobs.  As more and more departments got the axe, morale declined.

Finally, after months of seeing staff grumble, a communications plan by executive leaders took shape.  The CEO began to hold quarterly pep rallies of sorts.  He brought all employees into meetings throughout a day and gave them a briefing on what was happening, how things were improving and what each person could contribute to keep the all rolling.  He shared statistics on debt, spending, sales increases and new initiatives.

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Ultimately, his communication, including development of programs like a private employee portal, Twitter account and newsletters, have seen vast improvements in how employees see their jobs. People smile more and have taken a strong push to making customers happy. For the first time in 5 years, there was an annual 2012 Holiday party and employee appreciation picnic.

The bottom line: Even if the numbers aren’t looking up, employees are focusing on doing their jobs better and complaining less. This perceived security thanks to just a little communication has vastly improved the way things are being done by each and every worker.

Executive leaders, of course, don’t have the responsibility to make their employees happy.  However, those companies that do quickly find that attrition is lower and productivity is increased.  So, if you can simply improve morale of your staff by offering them perceived job security, doesn’t it make sense that you’d do everything in your power to make employees happy?


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