What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Defining Who Uses Executive Coaching

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executive coaching and who uses it

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If you’re an executive coach, it’s not uncommon to get asked what you do.  It’s not always obvious that managers, like the rest of us, have problems balancing their personal lives with their work lives.  What’s more, many companies want to help their managers be ‘all that they can be’ by offering continual work place training on how to be better at the human element of their jobs.

We thought we’d broach the subject of what executive coaches do in two ways.  First, I’m going to tell you who coaches are often an executive coach to, then why these services might be pertinent.

Management Teams
Anyone who manages other people. Why? Often, as we progress through the ranks, it’s easy to lose sight of what it was like to be the little guy.  We all remember the days of doing a entry-level job but for some reason we forget how to relate to those just starting out.

Having the right management skills creates happier, more motivated employees.  Happier employees not only produce more, they make coming to work a more enjoyable experience. The better a manager can communicate with their team, the more effective the entire business engine runs.

Careers that use executive coaching

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Surely, the folks at this level don’t need an executive coach? Wrong. They are the ones who need it most.  Here’s the deal: Many executives get where they are because they have the math, science or IT skills to excel in their job function.  Managing spreadsheets is much easier than managing humans.

When we work with executive officers, we take a holistic approach to working with people from a business perspective as well as from a personal one.  As the creators of policy and funding strategy, every move an executive makes effects the entire industry.  Our coaching helps them take a holistic approach to it.

Small Business Owners
Your vision. Your dream. Your rules.  You’re a dictator.  We coach small business owners in every and any aspect of business they may not have been prepared for in their previous job roles.  From wrangling numbers to knowing who to hire to do the books, an executive coach adds up the facts. You won’t believe the ROI of  an executive coach, either.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t make your own way.  However, if you’ve got issues that cause your business not to run smoothly, an executive coach is the answer you’re looking for. By assessing your processes, numbers and employee resources, we help you be more successful.

Non-Profit Directors
Arguably, no job is more stressful than an organization responsible for helping others.  If you’re the director managing the budgets and bringing in funding dollars can drain your energy.  Then, add an element of human management.  Yikes.

An executive coach will help you find the best course of action for keeping employees happy, coaching your managers if needed and embracing your own sense of self-worth in the meantime.  We’ll even cover how to use your business skills to conquer life.

Of course, there are others who fall easily into the realm of folks that need an executive coach.  If you’re curious, just contact Larry for a free assessment.  Now, let’s look at the specific things an executive coach focuses on:

You should note that high-level issues are what a leadership coach focuses on correcting.  It can be anything from job satisfaction to employee management.  The key that differentiates an executive coach is that they typically work with a higher level of managing executives.  Even an executive who’s transitioning careers would fall into this realm. So just ask if you have questions.





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