Caneel Joyce

Caneel believes that understanding human behavior is the ultimate competitive advantage and force for good in the world. She helps her clients to find alignment between their deepest intentions and the current reality, to channel their energy in effective directions, to infect others with their clarity of vision, and to navigate business challenges and seize opportunities with integrity. As an executive coach and strategic advisor, Caneel is warm, humorous, insightful, and no-nonsense. She is skilled at leveraging culture and designing human systems that feel native to the organization, and align people and behaviors with new strategies.

Caneel brings over 15 years of experience with innovative organizations. She’s held leadership roles spanning growth, product, marketing, operations, and strategy. Her consulting clients come from a range of industries especially technology, financial technology, new media, and the creative industries. Many of her clients are companies with social missions.

She also draws upon deep expertise in social psychology and human behavior. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, where she published original research about the effects of constraint on creativity, innovation culture, managing conflict, and the keys to success for multidisciplinary design teams. She has taught Organizational Change, Leadership, Negotiations, Design Thinking and Designing Creative Organizations at the London School of Economics and the Stanford d.School.

Caneel is the founder of Kickass Enterprises, a collective that helps startups and creative entrepreneurs become stronger, smarter, and more authentic by aligning product, brand, growth strategy, and organizational behavior. After years in Silicon Valley, Caneel is now based in Los Angeles.