Carlos Duno

Carlos Duno’s 30 + years of experience, both domestically and internationally, includes a unique combination of executive and entrepreneurial roles, and high- level consulting and executive coaching, which allows him to quickly understand and relate to a wide diversity of business situations. This combination of executive roles, consulting and coaching experience, has taught him that the best ideas and plans will amount to very little, without learning and implementing powerful execution habits. Carlos’ values and work are deeply rooted by his belief that all people have natural strengths that can be developed. He will challenge his clients to look at themselves and their abilities, to help them achieve a higher level of performance. He truly enjoys working with C-suite executives, especially in situations that involve personal or corporate transitions, which demand learning new ways of addressing issues and problems. Carlos’ consulting and coaching activities are focused on assisting people to find fulfillment, by helping his clients to create lasting change, to improve individual and corporate results.

Carlos is very sensitive to the culture of his clients’ companies. His experience working in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia have provided him with the ability to deal effectively across a wide range of companies, industries and geographies. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Carlos’ coaching experience includes working with organizations that are going through dramatic changes, requiring new ways of thinking and doing, helping executives transition into new roles, providing insight into ways of approaching difficult situations and reevaluating goals and objectives, with individuals who need to reassess their professional lives.

Clients appreciate Carlos’ ability to:

  • Create a safe and trusting environment in which to address difficult issues

  • Listen intently, to understand the significance of what is being said

  • Lead from behind, letting the client find his/her own solutions by asking challenging questions

  • Have a sense of humor, to make the coaching fun

Carlos has two Master of Science degrees from Columbia University in New York - one in business with a concentration in finance, and another in industrial engineering. He also became an Industrial Engineer through the National University of Mexico, in Mexico City, where he is originally from. Carlos is also a certified coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA. He is certified in the Hogan Assessment, and is an experienced user of the 360 Feedback Process and MBTI.

Carlos’ experience includes several years of executive recruiting. He was Chairman and CEO of a leading developer of emulsified fuels for transportation and power generation applications, President and COO of a large glass company, and had several years in domestic and international management roles, with a paper and pharmaceutical company. He was a consultant with a leading international consulting company, and is currently a board member and head of the compensation committee of a company listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Carlos is married and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is very active in his community, and enjoys exercising, the arts, reading and playing with his 6 dogs.