Christy Tonge

Christy is passionate about partnering with organizations to reinvent leadership and the meaning of work, and does so through facilitation, executive coaching, assessment, consulting, and original design.

In her work, Christy believes that taking one’s leadership to the next level is an “inside out” process. She challenges leaders using candor and her experience from working with a wide range of corporate executives and with leading authors.

Christy served as Director of Product Development and Senior Consultant with the Tom Peters Company, where she developed several products in addition to her work with clients. Working with bestselling leadership authors, she led the design and product launch for:

Walking the Talk™ and Values in Action™, based on the book Credibility, by Kouzes & Posner

Leader as Coach™, based on original research

The Leadership Challenge™ revision, based on Kouzes & Posner’s book by that title Service with Soul™, based on several books by Tom Peters.

Following the Tom Peters Company, Christy was the Lead Designer in developing two senior leadership offerings by the highly-respected global consulting firm, BlessingWhite (based in Hamilton Township):

Leading Out Loud, based on the book by author Terry Pearce, and

The High-Performance Leadership Assessment and Culture Scan, based on the book,

Clicks and Mortar, by Pearce and former Charles Schwab CEO, David Pottruck.

Christy offers extensive experience in:

  • Executive Coaching & Developing Managers as Coach
  • Leadership and Change
  • Leadership Communication, Influence, Executive
  • Presence
  • Career Crafting
  • Navigating Remote Management
  • Strategic Off-sites, Vision, Mission, Purposeful Culture
  • Customized Curriculum Design & Assessment Tools
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Some of her Coaching clients and their areas of focus include:

Vice President of Global Support Services 

Need to become more strategic, “get out of the weeds,” increase delegation and guide employees successfully through change as the company prepares to go public.

Chief Strategy Officer

Aim to increase emotional intelligence and ability to connect more effectively with others as a balance to analytical strengths.

Head of Compliance, CRA (Legal)

Handle increased responsibilities following recent promotion and manage stress of high pressure under audit. Also, ensure that quarterly communications to the Board inspire confidence.


Desire to increase effectiveness of messages for annual State of the Union and Employee RoadShow Communications.

Vice President of Authorization

Help technically brilliant executive empower others, increase collaboration and knowledge transfer among team, and lead effective cross-functional initiatives.


Christy received her undergraduate and M.A. degree from Stanford University.

In addition to her corporate work, she is also co-founder & Board Member of a bay area non-profit aimed at empowering youth-at-risk to reach their highest potential. Christy enjoys time with her husband and 2 children, skiing and other outdoor adventure, travel, Latin American culture, and making mosaics.