Martha A. Nonnemacher

Martha Nonnemacher brings over twenty-five years of experience leading large-scale Learning and Development Organizations. Martha has led L&D teams for organizations such as MetLife, Visa USA, Charles Schwab and Teletech. Martha is passionate about helping individuals, managers, executives and organizations grow and achieve meaningful culture and performance change. Martha utilizes best practices in training/facilitation, coaching, internal consulting and Organizational Development. Martha believes that one’s desire to learn and grow personally and professionally is a critical key to success.

Martha applies her expertise in four main areas:

  • Executive Coaching: Martha brings her background in Psychology, adult learning, mentoring, leading others, and her
    natural ability to work with others, to her coaching work. She is at her best when helping her clients improve their ability to
    successfully lead others.
  • Team Alignment and Development: Martha is a natural team dynamics facilitator. She has done scores of internal team development initiatives from the executive team to entry-level operational teams. Martha utilizes tools and processes such as Myers-Briggs and DiSC to help build team awareness. She focuses on team structure, team communication processes, problem solving, conflict management, and FUN within the team. Martha loves seeing a dysfunctional team over time rise to be an example of high-functioning team work.
  • Organization Development Consulting: You name it in terms of OD projects and Martha has led it or been an active participant on the project. Martha has worked for major corporations in times of significant change and found solid OD work immeasurable. Martha has been involved in: organizational restructuring, Talent Management succession planning, core mission and values development and implementation, competency modeling, performance management, LMS integration, 360 feedback coaching, change management, employee engagement, e-learning and virtual learning, and integrated training and development aimed at systemic culture change.
  • Facilitation: Martha began her career on the road. She honed her skills as an expert trainer and facilitator through countless hours in front of the room. Martha loves to train and sees the true value of Instructor-led-training. Martha has trained Leadership skills, sales and marketing, business skill, customer service, team-building, and new-employee integration. Martha has trained groups of 5 to 100 and always strives for that personal connection. Martha has trained globally utilizing virtual learning and integrated blended learning solutions.


Martha has her BA from Gettysburg College in Psychology and her Masters of Education from Colorado State University in Human Resource Development/OD. Martha also has her Certification in Organization Development from Mountain States Employers Council, and her Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). Martha is Certified in the following: Myers- Briggs, DiSC, Gallup Strengths Finders, PDI 360 Profiler, PDI Performance Management, Linkage Bridges Model of Change, and Blessing White, MPG. Martha has also designed, developed, and delivered multiple in-house training solutions.

Martha moved to Denver Colorado 23 years ago from New York and never looked back. She and her family, Terry husband of 23 years, and boys Jeffrey (20) and Andrew (17) love the Colorado life. She enjoys hiking, walking, reading, camping, and baseball, thanks to Andrew. She desperately misses the ocean and gets to a beach whenever possible. Martha also enjoys volunteering and dedicates her time to working with and coaching women in crisis.