Michael Cedar

Michael Ian Cedar packs a punch of passion with his leadership expertise. His mastery lies in his ability to combine high energy, colorful creativity and desire for depth that has rarely been found in facilitation and coaching. His impressive work ethic is a product of his empathy and ability to generate feelings of deep understanding with each individual he speaks to. A well-versed public speaker and passionate listener, Michael can capture the attention of the room while also giving clients his undivided observation.

Making his managerial mark on the world 15 years ago with Troika Entertainment, Michael was responsible for leading a team of over 50 members on 130-city truck and bus tours.His attention to detail and heightened perception of his peers granted him with the discipline necessary to bring together diverse teams in an engaged environment with little margin for error. His ability to foster excellence among leaders was showcased as he produced the nationally recognized dance competition, StarQuest International, where he spearheaded the company to a multi-million dollar generating operation.

His passion for helping others and steering supervisors in the right direction lead StarQuest to quadruple their business to a 65-city tour that now annually hosts over 40,000 performers. As a coach and leader, he designed and facilitated training for 60+ yearly team members to ensure operations, expectations, and product quality are consistent.

Michael brings compassion and questions to the table, prodding his partners to consider the ways in which they choose how to leave a positive legacy. Through his work, Michael often awakens the most powerful aspects of leaders with his “human-to-human” approach. Clients have commented that Michael strives in his ability to:

  • present and provoke questions with precision

  • provide feedback that leaves you with answers to questions unasked

  • focus on a future of fulfillment

  • transform mindsets

  • reignite passion

  • point out details previously overlooked

Michael has taken his coaching to the podium, podcast, and performance stage between group workshops, loyalty-based sales programs, and professional consultations. Regardless of the stage he is speaking on, one question always remains the same: If you take money out of the equation, why do you do what you do? Michael is determined to divulge into the deep meaning behind decision making in an executive space. Michael encourages professionals to look towards their personal passions to seek further corporate success.

His drive is detailed through his work with clients such as, Epic Games, The Discovery Channel & The World Economic Forum. Dedicating himself to “living life on your terms”, Michael is determined to help others pave their own path towards professional success and personal gain. Michael lives and breathes the philosophies and techniques he so emphatically proselytizes and has found a welcome home with EngagedLeadership’s family.

Michael currently resides in New York City where he earned a degree from AMDA College. Living in New York City has helped Michael become a better leader while also allowing him to recognize his vision and values. He is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) facilitator. His desire to travel to become more enriched along with the place he calls home has given Michael the motivation to not only strive for success, but to take matters into his own hands by making something happen. Working alongside influential leaders while gaining insight from his own personal experience, Michael recognizes the standard that has been set for his coaching and aspires to not only reach that bar, but raise it.