Michael Cedar

Michael brings forward a masterful combination of energy, enthusiasm, and depth rarely found in facilitation and coaching. His unique combination of colorful creativity and high-focus discipline unlocks the best of both worlds during his training and facilitation.

Over 15 years ago, Michael got his start as a company manager for Troika Entertainment where he managed over 50 team members on a 130-city truck and bus tour. This discipline to bring together large teams from widely different backgrounds in an environment with little opportunity for error set the tone for how he fosters excellent leaders.

Bringing that to scale, Michael produced the nationally recognized dance competition, StarQuest International, where he spearheaded the company to a multi-million dollar generating operation, quadrupling their business to a 65-city tour that annually hosts over 40,000 performers. More critically, he designed and facilitated training for 60+ yearly team members to ensure all operations, expectations, and product quality are absolutely consistent.

Like all influential leaders, Michael is obsessed with legacy, which fits in naturally for those looking to constantly better themselves. Always bringing a “human-to-human” first approach, Michael often awakens the most powerful aspects of leaders that other coaches fail to tap into. You’ll find him uniting teams through group workshops, constructing loyalty based sales programs, and stripping away all the noise and clutter in order to get others to answer one question: outside of money, why do you do what you do?

Michael lives and breathes the philosophies and techniques he so emphatically proselytizes and has found a welcome home with EngagedLeadership’s family.

Michael holds a degree from AMDA College in New York City. He is based in New York City.