Michelle Anne Johnson

Michelle Anne Johnson combines corporate management experience, an extensive career as a professional actor, and executive coaching to offer a unique approach to leadership communication. Inspired by interactions with high-profile actors and business leaders, she has developed The ACP Presence ModelSM, a coaching framework that instills leadership presence by cultivating authenticity, confidence, and purpose. Her model is based on psychological research into the origins of ACP, common obstacles, and strategies for navigating them.

As a consultant, Michelle has worked internationally with clients at Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries, including technology, finance, and human resources. She has facilitated programs on topics ranging from leadership communication, difficult conversations, women’s leadership, and storytelling.

Michelle specializes in helping leaders and teams prepare for keynotes and high-visibility presentations. She uses a three-pronged approach that includes:

  • Messaging — creating an informative message that is both compelling and easily understood by distilling ideas into clear points, finding the “so what”, crafting a narrative structure, utilizing storytelling techniques and rhetorical devices, and inserting transitions that ensure a logical flow.

  • Delivery — producing an expressive delivery with the body, face, and voice that balances complementary qualities such as warmth and strength, and relatability and authority.

  • Presence — establishing a presence that communicates personal power by removing blocks to authenticity, confidence, and purpose.

Executives have also relied on Michelle to help them clarify and communicate their professional brand and value proposition for key career transitions such as promotions, partner nominations, and job interviews.


An accomplished actress, Michelle was a professional performer in Los Angeles for 20 years. She co-founded an award-winning theater company, wrote and performed in sketch comedy troupes and her own one-woman show, and has guest-starred in over 30 of the top television shows of the last 20 years, including “Friends”, “CSI”, “CSI: Miami”, “24”, “NCIS”, “Bones”, “Castle”, and “Modern Family.”

As a leader, Michelle held the position of Program Director at Stand & Deliver, a boutique communication consulting firm, and also served as an Assistant Vice President at the risk and insurance services giant Marsh, Inc. She has a BA from UCLA in Psychology and an MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, earning the distinction of valedictorian.

She is currently writing a book about the ACP Presence ModelSM.