Phillip Walker

Phillip Walker, Ph.D., is a master executive coach, learning and development expert, and organizational consultant. Phillip thrives on challenges in helping people deal powerfully with new problems and opportunities. He is dedicated to leadership development excellence, individual “breakthrough” and creating organizational culture shifts. He brings over 25 years of extensive experience working with leaders at all levels. Phillip has keen insight into bringing out the best in leaders through candor, integrity, and trust building. Author of Theory T: The Power of Trust In a Chaotic World, Phillip is an expert in the use of trust in navigating the complexities, volatility and uncertainties of the 21st century.

Phillip’s brand and style of coaching is best described as

  • Deep listening, empathic and nonjudgmental

  • Asking thought provoking questions

  • Inspiring confidence, empowerment and trust

  • Stimulating discussion

  • Challenging assumptions and thinking

  • Converting challenges into opportunities

  • Straightforward and yet sensitive

  • Raising awareness

As a learning and development expert, Phillip has designed, developed and facilitated training content for numerous programs for a broad spectrum of industries. His signature courses include: influence skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and 21st century leadership. Phillip’s global experience gives him broad lenses through which to support leaders within their eco system.

Phillip has delivered training in the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and throughout North America. Phillip’s organizational consulting experience has earned him recognition from Vice-President Al Gore under his Reinventing Government Initiative; his culture change project was designated “Exemplary Status.” His deep insight into unconscious bias impeding personal and organizational performance adds credibility to his coaching and consulting. Phillip is a team building expert, and has deep and broad knowledge in organization development.


Phillip has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organizational Psychology from International College at Los Angeles. He completed a 375-hour post-doctoral certificate in Organization System and Development (OSD) at Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He earned a Master of Science degree in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from California State University at Los Angeles. He is certified in the use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the FIRO-B. Outside of Phillip’s work life, he takes passion in mentoring people to become the best version of who they are. He also empowers indigenous people in developing countries to overcome limitations. Phillip currently resides in Southern California.