Sam Spear

Sam Spear has spent the last 10 years coaching C-Level Executives, Presidents, and Managers up, down, and beyond the Fortune 500, facilitating insight, confidence, and connection. Today, whether it’s working 1:1, or facilitating across regions or networks, Sam can quickly establish, solidify, and/or restore trust by helping clients navigate interpersonal and inter-organizational challenges.

Sam’s clients trust him to help them more effectively navigate interpersonal as well as inter-cultural challenges and inflection points.” He does this with agility, great skill, and humor.

Sam’s work centers on creating personal and professional insights through the merging of athletics and movement., He is adept at translating what is being experienced physically and using that to inform his clients about what is happening for them personally and organizationally. This approach allows him to quickly identify those elements that prevent clients from realizing their full potential.

Though he is comfortable on a tennis or basketball court, an open field, or hiking trail, Sam’s ability to highlight misalignment and missed opportunities does not require leaving the office. He does his work as easily in a professional environment as on a sports court. Sam is an skilled coach offering insights and perspectives drawn from his experience and challenges and encouraging his clients to draw out their own.

Sam’s areas of expertise include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Team Assessment & Development
  • Group Facilitation & Training


Sam has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University where he first pioneered Athletic Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, and Families. He then evolved that work to give it Organizational applications. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri.Sam is well-practiced with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); the DiSC Personality Profile; the Enneagram; and 360 Feedback Process.

Sam is a California native currently living in Southern California with his wife, one child in college and another deciding which college will be her destination in the Fall, along with one very, very spectacular dog. When he is not helping others, he is playing sports, hiking, biking, laughing, writing, and trying to find ways to make a small difference in the world.