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  • I worked closely with Susan to develop a leader on my team who was taking on a bigger role and working through addressing personal challenges. The transformation was tremendous to everyone on the team and throughout the organization. Susan brings experience, expertise, drive, and a refreshing levity to the world of coaching. This driven, yet down-to-earth style makes working with her an absolute pleasure.
    — Head of Global Customer Service
  • Mira is amazing and I could not have asked for a better, more effective coach. I am an executive at a medium-sized tech company, and worked with Mira over an 8-month period with a focus on executive presence. In that time frame, there were career wins big and small, including two promotions, that I credit my time with Mira for. She helped me understand how to leverage existing strengths and change habits in a way that will continue to benefit me long after the engagement ends. I loved her direct, cut-to-the-chase style. She won't hesitate to push you, and at the same time deeply listens and deeply cares. I also appreciated her structured approach that made it easy to track progress and stay accountable. She is an insightful, dedicated professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to invest in their careers.
    — General Counsel – Healthcare Organization
  • Laura has facilitated multiple Team Workshops for me and my teams and, without a doubt, has made all the difference in my success as a leader. What I value most about Laura is her coaching style and objectivity. She puts people at ease quickly, which enables positive interaction at every level. She is direct and concise, relative to her findings and recommendations, and takes a personal interest in her customer’s success. Over the years, I have been consistently recognized for my leadership skills and view my partnership with Laura as a key contributor to my success.
    — Nancy E. Buchanan, Global Practice Leader – IT Service Management
  • Grace Park has been an integral partner of our organization in facilitating our corporate programs particularly in areas around management of organizational transition and change in the Asia-Pacific region. Grace brings a wealth of global experiences to the table and the necessary delivery skills that have enabled workshops to be not only relevant and engaging on the day, but also highly successful beyond. Grace and her team are highly aware of our diverse cultural and language needs and are able to communicate culturally appropriate material in multiple languages – a factor that has certainly helped accelerate and embed change within our organization. We will be looking to partner with GPC again on projects in the future.
    — Senior Medical Operation Manager, Pacific Rim, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • I highly recommend John Brennan as a leadership transformation consultant! During challenging times in our business, John was able to provide valuable people management tools to groups, along with professional coaching advice to individuals, resulting in accelerating our ability to make difficult decisions while gaining buy-in from others. The proof of John’s effectiveness is the great business results and key employee retention we have experienced in the transformation of our business.
    — Glen D. Vondrick, CEO ConnectSolutions, Inc.
  • The connection was instant. Sam knew how I was getting in my own way and he presented it with a roadmap that motivated changes and favorably altered my trajectory. During our work together, I was promoted to a bigger role that has suited me well. He was the first to tell me that: “The responsibility of a great leader is to make more great leaders.” I take many of the strengths I learned and refined from Sam and use those to create confident, creative, and thoughtful trailblazer’s all around me. If you have questions about him, please get in touch with me, I’m happy to tell you more.
    — John Ibsen, SVP Creative Advertising, The Walt Disney Company
  • Betsy has facilitated trainings for several years and always been a pleasure to work with her! She has a true talent for developing your strengths and coaching your weaknesses. She always made me feel 100% at ease and helped me develop professionally and personally! I continue to reach out to her regularly for professional feedback!
    — Jennifer Eggley, Franchise Standards Home Instead Senior Care®
  • Working with Mira has been an absolute pleasure and extremely valuable for me both day-to-day and strategically. She is an attentive listener who quickly understands situational information and relates effectively to context. I found Mira's approach to be an excellent blend of fluid discussion about immediate work (and personal) challenges / opportunities with introduction of techniques and tools from academia and the business world. After each session we collaborated on follow-ups and a number of "homework" items. Mira has been a fantastic sounding board and coach; I recommend her unequivocally.
    — Phil C. Salesforce
  • SEED Beauty has been working with Engaged Leadership and Laura Marvin, exclusively, for the last several years. The scope has included leadership development of our middle management as well as working closely with our executive team. After interviewing several firms and now knowing what Laura Marvin has delivered, I can without hesitation endorse Engaged Leadership and Laura Marvin personally. She has a unique ability to deeply understand a company’s culture and vision and how to help bridge that gap. She has become a trusted partner for myself to tackle the most challenging talent issues.
    — John Nelson , Founder & CEO SEED Beauty
  • I had the pleasure of working with Cathy in the executive coaching program at GSN Games, provided to rising leaders in the company, over the course of 1 year. Cathy was instrumental to my professional development as a leader. Some of the traits that set Cathy set apart from other coaches I’ve interacted with are: (a) high EQ and gauge of company and org culture (b) understanding of self-awareness and energy management (c) valuing cultural differences and adapting communication styles to both the coached employee and the organization. Cathy was able to learn the leadership styles of my peers and upper management and crystalize how to effectively communicate with these stakeholders. In parallel, she invested time in understanding my team’s needs and work/communication styles, helping me in managing both up, down and laterally. She made this possible through tailoring my coaching experience to my employee value proposition, leadership style and cultural style, while making it a fun and rewarding experience! I highly recommend working with Cathy in any coaching capacity!
    — Eyal Grundstein, Head of Consumer Performance Marketing at Yelp, former VP of User Acquisition at GSN Games
  • My boss gave me more feedback during the breakout sessions then he has in 11 years. He didn't say good job, he said, "I trust you and I can always count on you to get things done." Wow!! This was almost as good as the feedback from my peers and direct reports. Thank you again. My engagement meter went to 120%, if that is possible. We need more sessions!
    — Alteryx session participant
  • Larry's feedback is direct and to the point, insightful, and thought provoking. His questions prompt you to sort out a problem on your own.
    — Tim McCarthy, CIO and Senior Vice President
  • Both coaches were very focused. You were great at being direct, capturing my attention, and driving the message forward. I was also very glad that you engaged me and listened with intent to my replies.
    — Epic session participant
  • John is a wonderful coach and consultant. He is intelligent, insightful, thoughtful, and empathetic, and he has helped many individuals and teams recognize potential pitfalls and change behaviors in ways that have led to positive growth and development. He is excellent at assessing business needs and working with senior management, consistently demonstrates very high integrity in all he says and does, and is invested in all projects he undertakes. He will always be on the top of my "go to" list when people and teams express their desire for development.
    — Heather McGaughey SVP, HR
  • A very pleasant coaching experience with Grace, she asked thought-provoking questions to help me envisage my blind area and boost the confidence during the coach session. I enjoy her coaching and would like to recommend it!
    — Senior Vice President, Human Resources PRC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • It’s the questions. The ones that stop me. The ones that slow me down. The ones that remind me of Sam’s ability to – on a dime – question me. It’s also the way he identifies things. He helps get me back to the proper narrative, the one that matters most. He does this with grace, humor, surgical, and when necessary, carpet-bombing candor. Working with Sam hasn’t just been of great value to me, it’s had a qualitative influence on those I lead.
    — Jessica Neal, Chief Talent Officer, Netflix
  • Larry and I first met shortly after I was promoted to the role of President at Kabam. In our first session, I was struck by his passion, energy, and enthusiasm; all of which is awe-inspiring and infectious. Over the next 12 months, our work together was transformative. I have a very clear understanding of my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. I have access to a substantially expanded tool kit of battle-tested leadership strategies and tactics. I also have expanded confidence in my ability to own and drive results to maximum scale. In short, I look back on my time with Larry and question why I didn't sign up to work with him sooner.
    — Andrew Sheppard, President, Kabam, Inc.
  • I really enjoyed it and it made me think differently about how we engage with people day-to-day.
    — ILM session participant
  • I worked 1:1 with Mira, when I was at a transitional point in my career. Mira helped me to better articulate my leadership style, capitalize on my strengths, and ultimately transition into a new role in an entirely unfamiliar sector. Mira's coaching style is relaxed yet direct, and incredibly efficient. I found that each minute spent with Mira was useful, as well as the "homework" she assigned. The approach Mira takes is very personal, combining leadership theory with practical tactics, so you're able to leave sessions ready to to implement new behaviors. Mira is an excellent coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is at a transitional point in his/her career.
    — Janine Gianfredi Marketing at Instagram
  • Betsy takes leaders into their potential with grace, focus, and freedom. Our company has engaged Ms. Schuring to facilitate meetings with our executive team. In doing so, she takes us to innovative places, that harness our individual talents into the strength of our team. I consider her work to be invaluable to the evolution of our company. When I think of the growth of Lotus House, she is a fundamental part of it!
    — Mary Clare Sweet, Founder, Lotus House of Yoga
  • One of the biggest takeaways for me today was this statement, "People issues are not interruptions for me—people issues are my work."
    — Nordeus session participant
  • The workshop provided by Grace went far beyond our expectations. Prior to the workshop, Grace insisted understanding our needs and has consequently adapted her session to our requirements, which were more about the practical & down-to-earth aspects of a chemical industry. With her dynamism, her professionalism, her international experience and her impressive communication skills, she got the whole audience completely interested and motivated by the workshop. An internal evaluation has rated her performance to 93%. Therefore, our organization highly recommends Grace for any training/workshop related to the management within an international context.
    — Director, SNF China
  • Zen and the art of management — Larry's coaching has left an indelible mark on my work. He listens, he cares, he provides deep and meaningful feedback, and concrete ways to "up your game." If you're the type of person who doesn't like to be challenged, Larry isn't for you. But, if you're the type of person who is intensely curious about honing leadership qualities that extend beyond the boardroom and your directly managed team, then Larry is your coach.
    — Eric Porres, Chief Marketing Officer, Rocket Fuel
  • I've been through several similar sessions on leadership effectiveness. Most assume you're a new manager, but this was different. It really focused on the small changes that ANYONE can make to be more effective. I was skeptical coming in, but I learned a lot I can put to use immediately.
    — Alteryx session participant
  • I liked the format and flow. I enjoyed pairing up with others to discuss the subjects. I hope we can continue to take these types of classes as, without reinforcements, it will be hard to maintain the practices.
    — Alteryx session participant
  • Betsy has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Her ability to train, assess and identify my key personal strengths has enabled me to evolve personally and advance professionally. Betsy is truly invested in her client’s success!
    — Cristina Cyr, Franchise Development Talent & Demographics Manager Home Instead Senior Care®
  • Cathy and I have worked together for more than 10 years and I don’t know anyone who possesses such an array of talent in the coaching/facilitation field. With groups, she is highly skilled at soliciting and gaining involvement; as an individual leadership coach, she is sterling in her ability to listen and synthesize. Her strengths are her ability to gain involvement, her range of knowledge in the fields of leadership and communication, and her ability to listen and get right to the crux of the issue.
    — Terry Pearce, Author of Leading Out Loud; Founder/President at Leadership Communication
  • I thought it was good to get all of the people in there thinking about this. It's a very important topic and something that a lot of us need help with. I thought it affirmed a lot of things I already do, but also got me to think on how to be better, more timely, more fair, and less judgmental in my feedback process.
    — Epic session participant
  • Larry is a rare talent within the executive coaching community. He makes an impression out of the gate with his convivial demeanor and his aptitude for quickly switching gears from jovial conversation to serious reflection. From the moment you first sit down with him, you get the immediate sense that you are in the presence of someone deeply committed to your success. He quickly sees below the surface of things and his laser-sharp assessments cut to the core of what you need to hear in order to develop and excel. I benefited greatly from my work with Larry and have truly grown as a manager, leader, and overall professional.
    — Michelle Bowler, Vice President, GMM Williams-Sonoma
  • Mira is one of the best facilitators I have ever worked with. She has a casual, yet very polished, style that allows her to connect with groups and to meet and coach them where they are. She is able to adjust her style and content when a team or group requires it and still manages to achieve the planned objectives. It is a real talent to be able to adjust to those types of scenarios and the effort it takes is invisible to her participants who only see a talented and engaged facilitator who is invested in their experience.
    — Shalene Zamboni Associate Director, Commercial Learning and Development at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Laura Marvin is smart, quick, creative, funny, wise, and opinionated. Working with someone who has the confidence to bring a thoughtful and studied perspective was immensely valuable and enjoyable. Laura partnered with us to create and deliver leadership development training for aspiring leaders, working with them to train their mental game for success. Laura truly helps others take their skills to the next level.
    — Kimberly Inskeep, Founder, President, and CCO CAbi LLC
  • The workshop provided by Grace went really good to remind us of the fundamental of the value proposition not only by the well prepared contents but also exciting work experience and best practice. With her dynamism, her professionalism, her international experience and her impressive communication skills, she got the whole audience completely interested and motivated by the workshop. This workshop is definitely the one that marketing manager of our organization should have and I absolutely recommend Grace as the instructor
    — Senior Windows Client Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Korea
  • Teaming up with Sam to work on my executive and leadership skills far exceeded my expectations. He helped me discover and understand what areas of opportunities I needed growth in and then together, we put strategic plans in place to help me evolve in those areas. What I was most grateful for at the end of my time with Sam, is that the work we did not only helped me professionally, but it also carried over to my personal life as well. I could not recommend anyone more supportive, motivating, and empowering.
    — Jim Dee, Executive Director, GSN Games
  • This session consisted of both training/education that was very insightful and valuable long- and short-term. But, more importantly, we leveraged that training the second day to agree to many team protocols and operational efficiencies that we willl start using immediately. It was very successful in that we will use much of what we learned immediately.
    — Advent session participant
  • The best management training session I've ever taken part in. Thought provoking, but yet very practical and applicable at the same time.
    — Alteryx session participant
  • Larry is an executive's dream coach. His coaching is direct and insightful, yet empathetic. His insights into leading at the executive level were very valuable in supporting my transition into a new and challenging role. I can't imagine a better coaching combination for someone leading at a senior level.
    — Gretchen Libby, Executive in Charge of Business Development and Global Strategy, Industrial Light & Magic
  • Grace helped greatly our people to enhance their skills as a professional marketer. Our people enjoyed her class that is highly engaging and dynamic. I would highly recommend Grace to support your learning and development for your organization!
    — Sales Marketing Field Readiness Manager, Microsoft Japan
  • Laura Marvin is not only an inspiration but a phenomenal facilitator. She was able to connect with my team immediately, creating a comfortable, trusting environment for our offsite. Through the Leadership Series, Accelerating Team Performance, she helped us become more aligned and we were able to develop a team focus. I look forward to working with Laura again!
    — Anthony Sperling, EVP - Global Customer Experience, Advent Software, Inc.
  • Working with Cathy was a true pleasure. From the start, as I interviewed coaches, her insight set her apart from her peers. Over the course of 6+ months, as I navigated a challenging position and endeavored to grow beyond it, I relied on our sessions to keep moving me forward. While always a professional, Cathy transcended her role as a coach and became a friend and an ally.
    — Carolina Lau, COO at Seaplane Ventures
  • You guys know the material and you know us. You've coached some of the folks in the room personally.
    — Epic session participant
  • One of the greatest benefits Larry brings to the coaching process is his communication style. He makes it seem like a natural art form. He has the ability to communicate effectively in any situation whether it's friendly or confrontational. I have taken pages of notes trying to emulate his talent for communicating.
    — Debbie Galbraith, SVP Customer Service, Visa, Inc.
  • This session allowed me to realize I need to focus on how to better inspire and engage the people I manage.
    — ILM session participant
  • Mira is amazing and I could not have asked for a better, more effective coach. I am an executive at a medium-sized tech company, and worked with Mira over an 8 month period with a focus on executive presence. In that time frame, there were career wins big and small, including two promotions, that I credit my time with Mira for. She helped me understand how to leverage existing strengths and change habits in a way that will continue to benefit me long after the engagement ends. I loved her direct, cut-to-the-chase style. She won't hesitate to push you, and at the same time deeply listens and deeply cares. I also appreciated her structured approach that made it easy to track progress and stay accountable. She is an insightful, dedicated professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to invest in their careers.
    — General Legal Counsel
  • What an amazing trainer, coach, mentor and overall person Betsy is. She is perceptive, extremely smart and her technique for helping you grow as a leader is so pleasant. When I started working with her, I thought that I was such a great leader. I realized pretty quickly that my skills in that area could be so much better and developed so much more. My professional relationship and affiliation with her have lasted many years and thru many organizations. Whether it was The Ritz Carlton Hotel Group, West Paces Hotels, Henry Ford Hospitals or Northwell Health, Betsy has always been a refreshing "go to" person for all needs: as related to talent selection, team building and overall coaching. There is no doubt in my mind that wanting to be the best means you have to surround yourself with the best people to attain those goals; and there is no one better than Betsy.
    — Jeffrey Jacobs, Hospitality Ventures Consulting LLC
  • Sam’s coaching was instrumental in helping me develop the leadership and management skills necessary to succeed in today’s workplace. From the outset of our work together, we were able to zero-in on key areas for development and he offered creative and innovative solutions to address them. He pieced together both my prior professional and personal experiences in creating a leadership development game plan. I would recommend Sam’s coaching to anyone looking for not only an objective assessment of one’s leadership/management capabilities but also looking for creative tools to close those gaps.
    — Abdul Ismaila, VP Finance, Scopely
  • Larry Seal is, by far, the best executive coach and leadership trainer I've come across in my work. What makes him so uncommonly good is his extraordinary intuition, his ability to listen for what matters, and his down-to-earth, yet infectious, personality. All of these aspects of Larry build fast trust with our people. In our company, he is well known as a confidante and trusted adviser to many people, at all levels, from executives to entry-level managers. No job is too big or small which speaks to his genuine interest in simply helping people to be their best wherever they are in their journey.
    — Andrea Robb, Head of People + Organization Development at Lucasfilm
  • Cathy is a great coach. While she has very deep knowledge on leadership across various dimensions, her real strength is helping people find their own answers by guiding them through tailored and profound questions. Cathy asks questions about “who you are” and helps people find their own strengths to leverage. She emotionally connects and the coaching relationships sustain beyond the on-site process time. She has a deep understanding on cultural differences and she helps people understand how the leadership can be more effective across different cultural nuances. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with her and I am more than happy to work with her again on any critical leadership development needs.
    — Jungkiu Choi, Director, Corporate Strategy at Nuri Management Pte. Ltd.
  • Sam’s gift is that, in his coaching and structured experiences, he creates a mirror that allows you to touch down onto your best self. For me, it reconnected me to purpose - manifesting in “grace in action,” constructive humor, authentic energy, and the will to make things better for my team and organization. I was effective and successful before I started working with him – but was also burned out and “going through the motions.” Because of my work with Sam, I have taken on some of the most significant challenges I’ve ever faced in my career - with resilience and grace.
    — Mark Crowell, Executive Director, Organization Development and Learning at Cedars-Sinai
  • Larry has a natural gift to bring out the best in people. Our conversations are rich in content and deeply thought provoking. I have found myself growing in ways that I did not think possible. He has proven to be a trusted, respected, and insightful mentor for me in areas of personal growth and leadership development. I enthusiastically looked forward to our interactions & feel that I walk away from these conversations knowing myself more thoroughly and being prepared to lead more effectively. Larry has achieved "speed dial" status on my trusted advisers list!
    — Anthony Sperling, EVP - General Manager, Asset Management Group, Advent Software, Inc.
  • Betsy has been our Leadership Consultant at Lotus House of Yoga, High Vibe Cafe, Vibe Tribe Travel and My Yoga Exchange for the last 10 years! The expertise and strategic planning that she has guided us through is a direct correlation to the success and growth of our companies! Betsy is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She is also a pillar of the Nebraska Business Community and a huge advocate of charitable work. Along with her undeniable talent, Betsy has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of all of our leadership team.
    — Anne Sweet, Founder & CEO Lotus House of Yoga High Vibe Cafe Vibe Tribe Travel
  • The process of transformation requires courage, strength and grit.” “You have to commit to embracing the things that scare you because when you do you will learn rather than react.” “You can be vulnerable or you can be removed, but only one of those ways builds connection.” “You cannot be both anxious and present simultaneously. Choose wisely.” These are just some of the notes I took from our work together. I cannot think of a better coach than Sam. He took great care to guide me through the process, sometimes very directly, other times incredibly carefully, but always supportively. Through the many peaks and valleys of change, he seemed to always know what I needed, which wasn’t always what I wanted. The result was him modeling efficient and effective leadership that lasts to this day. His questions - of which there were many - didn’t just prompt answers, they prompted lessons for me and my team. Through the process I became more in touch with my own creativity, more aligned with my own core values and more confident in my own abilities. I am extremely grateful to Sam.
    — Jason Ades, Senior Producer, Activision
  • For private coaching program with Grace, I would like to say that it was great opportunity for me. It was counted for my business situation immediately and I got lots of impression and great help from this program for my leadership development. I really enjoyed it and I would like to recommend this strongly.
    — General Manager, Malvern Instruments Ltd Korea
  • I’ve worked with Larry over several years and he continues to exceed my expectations. He has a great approach in working with all types of executives and helps bring out the best in them. He has a unique open style which makes people comfortable and gets them to really think hard on what they need to do to become better managers and leaders and, to great extent, better people. He’s thoughtful and serious with a light touch when required. Most importantly, Larry cares and those he works with know it. I’ve worked with and have sponsored a number of executive coaches over the years and I still believe Larry is definitely one of the best.
    — Kevin Shultz, Group President Fiserv, Digital Banking