EngagedLeadership Consulting Services

We focus on the people side of strategy and execution.  Smart people may create a brilliant strategy but it’s people, working together who have to execute it.  Extraordinary communication, trust, influence, skill, and collaboration are the difference between success and failure.

We help you better leverage the collective capabilities of your teams no matter how small or large.

We customize each consulting engagement to address the unique challenges of our clients.  Examples of previous engagements include helping our clients:

  • Intentionally create a culture that drives organizational success and maximum engagement

  • Develop a leadership competency model and assessment tool

  • Improve decision-making, ownership, and accountability across the organization

  • Build and improve trust and collaboration within a team and cross-functionally

  • Develop a unifying vision, mission, and operating values

  • Increase communication effectiveness and relationship dynamics

Business Optimization Services

We offer services to for businesses to optimize their processes and people. Our services offering is built for companies of all sizes from early stage startups to established businesses.

Here are some of the business optimization services we offer:

  • Employment Branding:

    • Creation a true Employment branding/employee value proposition that will attract and retain the best talent

  • Process and Planning:

    • Business Process Structure and Organization

    • Business Plan Development

    • SWOT Analysis

  • Onboarding:

    • Employee Onboarding Plan

    • Management Onboarding Plan

    • General Onboarding Plan

  • Employee Programs:

    • Employee Retention

    • Employee Empowerment

    • Workplace Interventions

    • Employee Assessments

    • High performer optimization and identification

    • Employee Development Programs and Roadmap

  • Management and Executives:

    • Executive Coaching

    • Management Coaching

    • Management Grooming and Development

  • EQ:

    • Interpersonal skill development

    • Self awareness of EQ skills

    • Screen candidate and team EQ skills

  • Strategic Planning:

    • Growth Planning and Roadmap

    • Go to market strategy

    • Marketing

      • Customer Acquisition Planning

      • Brand Messaging

      • Value Proposition Development

      • Lead Generation Planning

    • User Avatar Development

    • User Experience Review and Planning

      • User interviews and research

  • Optimization:

    • Process Optimization

    • Personal Productivity

    • Team Productivity

    • Prioritization Planning

    • Vendor Interviews and Talent Planning

    • Reduce financial costs

  • Fundraising:

    • Pitch deck development

People Services Consulting

We offer a wide array of People Services consulting for high growth companies; whether a start-up or a company that is looking to expand through acquisitions or go pre-IPO. We can help you evolve your company to think more progressively and creatively about the “Employee Experience” rather than being “old school” HR and thinking traditionally.

We offer strategic “people” services through collaboration with you:

  • Employment Branding:

    • Creation a true Employment branding/employee value proposition that will attract and retain the best talent

  • Onboarding:

    • New hire onboarding plans including NHO presentations, Checklists, Team Facilitation, etc.

  • Policies & Compliance:

    • Creation of employee handbooks (policy (local/state/national), employee retention

  • Employee Programs:

    • Strategies/initiatives such as implementing recognition initiatives, incentive structures, high potential programs and learning & development

  • Organizational Design & Development:

    • Structuring your company for growth

      • Infrastructure (systems, reporting lines, roles needed)

      • Succession Planning

  • Mergers & Acquisition:

    • Due diligence (people, systems, benefits)

    • Integration (from planning to completion of transition)

    • New employment branding