George Leftwich

George Leftwich provides a range of executive coaching, leadership training and consulting services. He works with clients to define and achieve strategic goals and create exceptional workplace and team cultures. Results include improved productivity, performance and engagement. George brings a conscious approach to leadership, culture and communication to equip leaders and their organizations for success in the modern business environment.

Grounded in leadership and business acumen, George efficiently gets to the core of the matter at hand. With a keen insight, he uncovers and names unconscious patterns that prevent his clients from achieving greater heights of success.

Past experience includes 14+ years in the financial services industry, including senior leadership positions at top asset management and private equity firms. Extensive international work and travel developed his global mindset. He has combined his practical corporate experience with formal training in psychology, somatic experiencing, conscious leadership and the enneagram personality model.

This diversity of experience and expertise results in a unique set of practical processes and tools to facilitate transformation for organizations, teams and leaders.

Some areas where George has successfully assisted clients in are:

  • Navigating perceived challenges by uncovering new choices and possibilities

  • Learning practical tools and skills to improve communication creating relationships with greater collaboration and trust

  • Developing increased self-awareness as a critical part of their leadership skills

  • Shifting unconscious commitments and limiting beliefs that may be keeping them stuck in recycled issues

  • Better managing time and energy leading to increased productivity and performance


George holds an economics degree from Princeton University where he was captain of the varsity men’s basketball team and an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. He also holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a certification in Integrative Body Psychotherapy from the IBP Central Institute. He is well practiced with the Enneagram and 360 Feedback Process.

George currently resides in Southern California where he serves on the Board of Bright Star Schools, a charter management organization that operates tuition free schools in underserved areas of Los Angeles.