Gesa Bohn

Gesa is committed to and passionate about inspiring & motivating people to become their best selves by enhancing their self awareness and finding their unique strengths. As a Corporate Facilitator, Trainer, and Certified Mental Coach, she brings high positive energy underpinned with best practice approaches, to close the gaps between an organization’s professional objective and desired results.

Drawing from different disciplines (neuroscience, sports and positive psychology, design thinking) her facilitations support clients in reinforcing their strengths and promoting self confidence, with a focus toward personal empowerment, evolved communication, trust building, and high-performance habits.

As a long-distance runner and coach, awarded first-place medals, she brings an athletic mindset to the corporate world. Gesa believes, “A healthy body and mind lead to performance and success!”. While inspiring others to optimize their health and well-being, she advises clients on how to improve their lifestyles. She has been appreciated for leading power exercises during a workshop, keeping the group energized through breathing and mindfulness exercises. Her fun sense of humor keeps everyone engaged and willing to participate in the process.

Gesa brings 10+ years experience working for International Companies in various business functions, with diverse leaders and teams at all levels. Prior to EngagedLeadership she served as a Senior Program Facilitator for adidas, where she designed and facilitated the Leadership Development Programs, conducted Core Skills and Team Effectiveness Workshops and led the Facilitation upskilling process for HR Managers.

Being Bi-lingual (fluent in German & English) she offers a unique verve in a group setting. Her areas of Facilitation and Training expertise include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Classroom Facilitation

  • High Performance Team Building

  • Personal Effectiveness including Giving & Receiving Feedback, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Building Resilience etc.

  • Health Workshops

Gesa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Communication from the German Sport University, Cologne, Germany and certifications in Event Management and Business from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She has numerous qualifications including Hogan Personality Assessment, is a certified Mental Coach, and an Accredited Business Facilitator.

Gesa lives in Carlsbad, CA, with her husband. In her free time, she fulfills her passion for being active, running half marathons, traveling the world, trying a new healthy recipe and enjoying time at the beach.