Jodi Eisner

Jodi has a passion for helping people. She brings a deep care to her work and communications and is an expert at tuning into people’s specific needs. With a background in education and corporate on-boarding, operations, training and client support, she is a natural fit for her role as Client Service Coordinator.

Tapping into her strong communication skills, and easy-going nature, she works with clients to ensure the highest quality outcomes, all the while creating long-lasting relationships. By helping people achieve their goals, she meets many of her own.  Like all great client service professionals, helping you, fuels her. We feel lucky to have her.

Jodi has significant experience helping companies navigate the people and organizational challenges of; rapid growth and expansion, turnover, as well as the pains of downsizing.

New Jersey has been her home for the majority of her life, where she treasures moments with longtime friends, as well as her loving fiancé, their three children, and extended family.