Josh White

Josh White brings over 19 years of experience leading individuals and teams to find their true potential. Through assessments, individual coaching and team facilitation Josh focuses on bringing about dynamic individual change, which leads to positive culture and performance change.

Josh has experience working with individuals and teams in athletics, higher education, technology, law and start-ups.

Josh applies his expertise in four main areas:

  • Executive Coaching: Josh brings a background in psychology, combined with a strength-based approach when leading others. His natural ability in understanding and educating on emotional intelligence combined with his ability to work well with others leads to great self-discovery and performance change. He is at his best when helping others understand themselves and how they lead in the workplace.

  • Transition Coaching: From high school and college students who want to identify their own strengths to determine college majors and careers, to people in transition and retirees, Josh utilizes scientific assessments and coaching to help people find a role where they will flourish

  • Team Facilitation: Josh is an engaging, energetic facilitator. He has experience in athletics, technology and legal planning and has facilitated strategic plans from the executive team to department level planning. Josh utilizes Gallup StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, DiSC and Four Lenses to help build individual and team awareness. He focuses on individual talent and awareness then on team structure, communication and process. Ultimately, Josh asks uncommon questions that lead to transformational thinking. He focuses on helping teams understand who they are at their core, so they can produce extraordinary results.

  • Organizational Culture Coaching: Josh has been involved with companies going through significant change management. Given his propensity to assist companies going through high growth and transition, he has been intimately involved in what works and what doesn’t in trying to build and/or retain a positive culture. Whether it is organizational restructuring, succession planning, core mission and values development and implementation, or real culture processes that work, Josh is key to helping businesses find ways to build the right way and deploy a positive culture that lasts.


Josh has his BA in Psychology from The University of Nebraska, and his JD from the Nebraska College of Law. He worked for over 16 years as a leader in college athletics, has experience in a leadership role in a mobile app start up and also has helped build a law firm. Josh is a certified Strong Interest Inventory Coach (Myers Briggs) as well as Gallup StrengthFinders Coach. He is well versed in many assessments and routinely employs a variety to fit the individual or team.

Josh lives in Omaha Nebraska with his wife (Jenn) and son (Leo). He enjoys running, golfing, reading, cooking and travel. He enjoys volunteering and serving the community and has participated on a number of boards within the community.