Larry Seal


For more than two decades, Larry has honed his skills as an executive coach and master facilitator. His focus is improving the leadership communication and engagement skills of his clients. He has a unique ability to create a deep level of connection with executives that combines with a broad business perspective to produce significant and lasting change.

Clients appreciate his ability to provide an insight-provoking mirror, helping them become clearer than ever before about the communication and interpersonal patterns that most hinder and best serve them.

His style balances supportive empathy with “straight talk” directness.

  • Larry says “One of my favorite things to hear from a coaching client is something along the lines of - “I’ve heard pieces of this feedback before but I’ve never been able to make it a consistent part of my approach. Now I feel confident I can react more effectively and be at my best more often.”

Over the last 6 years, Larry has focused his work on:

  • C-Suite leaders in the technology and entertainment worlds.

  • Working with young founders and their executive teams in startups, primarily in Silicon Beach and the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has worked with over 200 organizations, including more than 70 of the Global 500 companies. His clients are primarily in entertainment, technology, financial services and biotech/pharmaceuticals.

Larry works with clients around the world and is well versed in the leadership challenges associated with managing diverse and distanced employees, partners, and customers. Larry Seal is the Founder and CEO of EngagedLeadership.


Larry has taught at the Haas Graduate School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He graduated from the University of Arizona, majoring in Political Science and History and resides in Los Angeles.


Client Comments

This coaching experience with Larry has been the most valuable development I have had in my 18-year career.
I am more comfortable and confident as I have seen the positive impacts our work has had on my leadership and communications.
— Joe McFarland, President Western Division, The Home Depot
Larry’s impact on Advent’s business has been extraordinary. Great teamwork is critical to any management team’s success and Larry has taught the management team at Advent to come together through a program designed to create better leaders via open communication, self awareness and the tools to align on action plans even when opinions differ.
Larry’s expertise and style allowed him to earn the trust of our entire team and that trust has resulted in a much healthier company for our employees, clients and shareholders.
— Peter Hess, CEO, Advent Software
If you’re running a business and you haven’t worked with a leadership coach you are doing yourself and your company a major disservice.
Working with Larry has been an incredibly powerful experience that has helped me become a more effective CEO, a stronger leader, and a better human being.
Larry is an extremely gifted observer of human nature and his trenchant insights will help you unlock your full potential. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Walter Driver, CEO, Scopely
Larry’s feedback is direct and to the point, insightful and thought provoking. His questions prompt you to sort out a problem on your own.
— Tim McCarthy, CIO and Senior Vice President, Visa, Inc.
Larry and I first met shortly after I was promoted to the role of President at Kabam. In our first session, I was struck by his passion, energy, and enthusiasm; all of which is awe-inspiring and infectious. Over the next 12 months, our work together was transformative.
I have a very clear understanding of my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. I have access to a substantially expanded tool kit of battle- tested leadership strategies and tactics. I also have expanded confidence in my ability to own and drive results to maximum scale. In short, I look back on my time with Larry and question why I didn’t sign up to work with him sooner.
— Andrew Sheppard, Kabam, Inc.
Larry is a rare talent within the executive coaching community. He makes an impression out of the gate with his convivial demeanor and his aptitude for quickly switching gears from jovial conversation to serious reflection.
From the moment you first sit down with him, you get the immediate sense that you are in the presence of someone deeply committed to your success. He quickly sees below the surface of things and his laser sharp assessments cut to the core of what you need to hear in order to develop and excel.
I benefited greatly from my work with Larry and have truly grown as a manager, leader, and overall professional.
— Michelle Bowler, Vice President, GM, Williams-Sonoma
Zen and the art of management — Larry’s coaching has left an indelible mark on my work. He listens, he cares, he provides deep and meaningful feedback and concrete ways to ‘up your game.’ If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to be challenged, Larry isn’t for you. But if you’re the type of person who is intensely curious about honing leadership qualities that extend beyond the boardroom and your directly managed team, then Larry is your coach.
— Eric Porres, Chief Marketing Officer, Rocket Fuel
Larry has a natural gift to bring out the best in people. Our conversations are rich in content and deeply thought provoking. I have found myself growing in ways that I did not think possible. He has proven to be a trusted, respected, and insightful mentor for me in areas of personal growth and leadership development.
I enthusiastically looked forward to our interactions & feel that I walk away from these conversations knowing myself more thoroughly and being prepared to lead more effectively.
Larry has achieved ‘speed dial’ status on my trusted advisers list!
— Anthony Sperling, EVP - General Manager, Asset Management Group, Advent Software, Inc.
Larry Seal is, by far, the best executive coach and leadership trainer I’ve come across in my work. What makes him so uncommonly good is his extraordinary intuition, his ability to listen for what matters, and his down-to-earth, yet infectious, personality. All of these aspects of Larry build fast trust with our people.
In our company he is well known as a confidante and trusted adviser to many people at all levels, from executives to entry-level managers. No job is too big or small which speaks to his genuine interest in simply helping people to be their best wherever they are in their journey.
— Andrea Robb, Head of People + Organization Development, Lucasfilm
Larry is an executive’s dream coach. His coaching is direct and insightful, yet empathetic. His insights into leading at the executive level were very valuable in supporting my transition into a new and challenging role. I can’t imagine a better coaching combination for someone leading at a senior level.
— Gretchen Libby, Executive in Charge of Business Development and Global Strategy, Industrial Light & Magic