Maria Zlotnikova

Maria has more than 14-years experience working as a Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and Psycho-sociologist. Maria has a broad experience working with an array of international and Russian companies in Russia, Europe and Asia.

She is passionate about human psychology and sociology and deeply enjoys her work with client companies and their people. Maria’s clients find that her style balances seriousness and friendliness with a constant eye on producing impactful change.

Maria has worked with senior executives, middle managers, front-line managers and individual contributors at a number of companies including:  Procter & Gamble, Maersk Oil, Dve Palochki, SilovyeMashiny, Gestamp, General Motors, Wurth Northwest and Wagner.

She is fluent in Russian, French and English. Maria resides in St. Petersbourg, Russia


Master in Psychology, Russian State Pedagogic University of Herzen A.I., Russia

Master 1 in Sociology, French College of St. Petersbourg, Russia

Master 2 in Psycho-sociology of work, University Paris 13, France