Michael Cedar

Michael Ian Cedar is an executive and leadership coach, skilled facilitator and keynote speaker, with 20 years of experience helping clients bring their professional and personal lives into alignment.

Combining high-energy passion with a non-judgmental approach, Michael helps clients tap into their potential to lead others, by focusing on their emotional intelligence, interpersonal relations, and managerial skills.

Michael honed his leadership, management and people skills through his work on the producing team of StarQuest, the nationally touring dance competition. His passion for developing other leaders led StarQuest to quadruple its business into a 65-city tour that now annually hosts over 40,000 performers. As the company manager for Broadway musical bus and truck tours that took shows to 130 cities a year, he excelled at bringing together diverse groups of creative people, in a high-pressure environment with little margin for error.

Michael helps leaders at all career stages to gain confidence by freeing them from unconscious limiting beliefs and behaviors, so they can get out of the way of their own success. In individually tailored sessions, he asks deep, unexpected questions that get to the core of the matter, so that clients can connect the dots and obtain new levels of clarity. His well-attuned observations of human behavior allow him to offer his clients fresh perspectives, opening doors that no one else yet knew existed.

Michael Helps Individuals And Groups:

  • Reconnect to purpose, passion and fulfillment

  • Increase confidence in leadership capabilities

  • Establish executive presence

  • Discover blind spots

  • Harness emotions in the workplace

  • Lean into conflict and confrontation with ease

  • Navigate change

  • Improve work-life flow

Michael is experienced in working with diverse industries, including: arts and entertainment, video game development, pharmaceutical, customer service recovery, sales & hospitality, marketing & advertising, finance and real estate.


A graduate of AMDA in New York City, Michael is certified in The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and well-practiced in the 360 Feedback Process.

A long-time resident of New York City where he lives with his wife, Michael is never far from a good cup of tea while enjoying West Wing & Golden Girls reruns.