EngagedLeadership Sales Consulting

EngagedLeadership Sales Consulting offers an experienced based sales strategy, performance analysis and sales effectiveness to organizations that sell into complex and competitive environments with focus on mission critical software and services based revenue objectives. Through proven sales leaders we have more than two decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and in all stages of the company lifecycle, from start-ups to global Fortune 100 firms.  We understand the dynamic pace of change and the factors that influence and drive the buying process and their impact to sales effectiveness. From sales strategy, implementation, sales process effectiveness and talent management we help sales organizations identify strategies for performance improvement and rapid growth.

Our sales consulting engagements gives sales managers and organizational leaders powerful sales management and behavioral modification tools and processes that can be applied immediately as well as longer term implementation strategies.  We leverage proven sales strategies along with the implementation of practical skills development to accelerate revenue attainment and improved sales execution and consistency.

We build tailored solutions to help organizations objectively assess performance and help implement success and metrics based tools and processes in the areas of:

  • Sales Strategy

  • Sales Process Execution

  • Sales Management Practices

  • Territory and Account Planning

  • Talent Assessment, Management and Development

  • Customer Experience Guidelines and Implementation

Our sales consulting enables management teams and revenue officers:

  • Implement processes to effectively align revenue goals against market factors

  • Effectively analyze client and prospect buying processes for approach modification for improved effectiveness.

  • Implement metrics based sales tools and sales effectiveness customized for each stage of the sales process; from lead generation to contract negotiation

  • Implement metrics based territory management and account development

  • Improve consistency of how sales representatives engage and progress complex sales

  • Enable sales leaderships to be effective listeners for quicker response to performance impacting behavior

  • Enable sales management to build positive, competitive sales teams through performance based sales culture that drives revenues, and strong team alignment to eliminate turnover and productivity loss due to poor morale

We customize each consulting engagement to address the unique challenges of our clients.  Examples of previous engagements include:

  • Development of a sales culture vision that focused on driving revenue growth and professional development through the implementation of the complex sales process and tactics

  • Development of a sales leadership competency model and assessment tool

  • Development of metrics based sales processes and introduction of structured sales enablement resources through renewed engagement with marketing organization

  • Market assessment and buying analysis and introduction of structured business objective and revenue goal decision-making process

  • Introduced cross organizational communication process to improve teamwork and collaboration between sales and professional services

  • Implementation of performance based talent management processes

We focus on the people side of strategy and execution.  Smart people may create a brilliant strategy but it’s people, working together who have to execute it.  Extraordinary communication, trust, influence, skill, and collaboration are the difference between success and failure.

We help you better leverage the collective capabilities of your teams no matter how small or large.

We customize each consulting engagement to address the unique challenges of our clients.  Examples of previous engagements include helping our clients:

  • Intentionally create a culture that drives organizational success and maximum engagement

  • Develop a leadership competency model and assessment tool

  • Improve decision-making, ownership, and accountability across the organization

  • Build and improve trust and collaboration within a team and cross-functionally

  • Develop a unifying vision, mission, and operating values

  • Increase communication effectiveness and relationship dynamics