Larry is co-hosting a new workplace advice show called I Hate My Boss. Larry and co-host Liz Dolan of Satellite Sisters will have some fun trying to help stamp out Bad Bossery and all the other drama that unfolds at the office. Call or write if you have your own dilemma. Workplace drama. Comedic relief.

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Listen to AFTER HOURS Episodes:

After Hours 10: Apologies to the IT Department

June 29, 2017

Working in an IT Department isn't always the most lauded job, and for that, we apologize! But how are you supposed to handle it when your co-workers refuse to listen to your tech advice, and your boss sides with your stubborn colleagues? Plus, Liz and Larry help a listener whose lack of a degree might be the thing that's holding her back.

After Hours 9: You might be working a little too hard

June 22, 2017

Colleagues that go above and beyond are inspiring...until they take it too far. Lee’s cubemate refuses to take sick days, and even came in with pneumonia! Julie wants to concentrate on work only, but is distracted by all the workplace chatter in her open office. Liz and Larry help them sort out how to take a break.

After Hours 8: The Slacker and the Over-sharer

June 15, 2017

What are you supposed to do when your coworker is lazy, and leaves you to pick up the slack? Or how about when your boss wants to talk about everything...even what they do at home with their fiance?! Liz and Larry are here to help.

After Hours 7: Should I get a raise, or two? And TMI, Part 2

June 8, 2017

Susie has completed a certification course, which led to a raise and a promotion but something doesn’t add up. Betsy needs help reeling in an employee who’s good at her job, but talks WAY too much.

After Hours 6: Moving up, and moving on

June 1, 2017

How do you ask for the things you want from you boss, or a potential employer, without messing up the relationship? Liz and Larry talk to Josh about how to land a promotion that he’s worried about applying for, and to Tim, who is trying to figure out how to weigh multiple job and salary offers against each other, without horribly offending anyone.

After Hours 5: TMI

May 25, 2017

The work week can seem even longer when your mom brings your boss home with her. On this week’s After Hours, Liz and Larry help Nicole draw a line between the personal and professional. And what should you do about gossipy or whiny coworkers? Liz and Larry have the answer.

After Hours 4: When is the right time to yell at people?

May 18, 2017

By the end of the week, you might be ready to let everyone have it. On this week's After Hours, Liz and Larry help Katie set boundaries with her meddling colleagues, and help Deborah communicate with her boss - without screaming.

After Hours 3: How to deal with a know-it-all boss and a filthy colleague

May 11, 2017

We answer questions about how to handle colleagues with, ahem, hygiene issues, help out a listener whose young boss always needs to prove that he’s the smartest guy in the room.

After Hours 2: How to be your best self, and someone else

May 4, 2017

During this round of After Hours, we answer questions from Erin, who is struggling with self-promotion at her job, and Linda, who can’t stand being called by her boss's name while filling in.

I Hate My Boss: After Hours

Apr 27, 2017

You’re almost through the workweek! Don’t let a looming problem keep you from making it to Friday. During After Hours, we’ll be helping you figure out those small things before they turn into something much worse. On this episode, an employee who thinks her peers are her personal drivers, and a boss who talks WAY too much.