Robert O’Boyle

Robert OBoyle pic.jpeg

Robert O’Boyle continues a successful career dedicated to developing and accelerating sales execution strategies as well as aligning sales and marketing organizations to consistently meet revenue plans of organizations large and small and across the entire product maturity spectrum. However, Robert’s true passion is in the identification of top performer attributes within existing organizations and individuals and the development of sales professionals and executives who are looking to take their qualitative sales and management skills to the next level. Key to this process is also identifying the critical personal attributes and drivers that create organizationally stronger and happier sales and revenue owner individuals. Robert’s experience as a player, coach and owner provides a unique lens in which to identify immediate and long-term strategies to enhance, accelerate and transform sales culture and improve a sales organizations strength and consistency. With over 25 years of experience working in multiple industries including finance, information technology, retail, and pharmaceutical Robert can quickly identify and articulate what change management is needed and what coaching can best impact an organization for the successful transition to a stronger, more collaborative and effective sale team.

Robert supports sales leaders and sales organizations through:

Executive Coaching: Robert partners with executive management and senior sales leaders to build trust and to understand the performance issues then engages directly with key high potential performers to assess the entire sales process and sales dynamics. Robert clients consistently say he helps them better understand their current sales organization and the limitations impacting company performance in a very personal and organic way while providing the sales metrics to understands how to rapidly evolve sales strategy and sales execution to meet business goals

Workshop and Team Facilitation: Robert’s strength in facilitation comes from his knowledge of organizational structure and sales skills needed for top performance and linking these beyond just sales. Examples include facilitating leadership and skill development to sales and business executives and helping create cross functionally aware teams to rapidly gain clarity and prioritization of organizational and team modifications

Sales Executive Development Consulting: Robert has designed and implemented change management processes, sales leader and professional sales skill modifications and development as well as go to market strategies, talent, acquisition, and performance review programs implementation across Fortune 500 companies and privately owned companies.


Robert has a B.S. Degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Connecticut. He has taught courses in Leadership Development at Northwestern University and Miami University of Ohio.

He has participated and led multiple sales teams through 360 Assessment programs as well as Leadership Style Assessments. Robert has experience in developing sales team creation and cross organizational strategy implementation.

Robert lives in Connecticut with his wife and four children and is an avid cyclist and triathlete. He is looking to complete his 4th Ironman in 2019.