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Jasmine Shah, Coach/Facilitator


Jasmine Shah

Jasmine provides integral solutions to inspire sustainable transformation.

As a transformational leadership and personal development coach, Jasmine empowers clients to create a vision, clarify necessary steps, and see it through to completion. With 15+ years of corporate experience, she helps clients align purpose and work.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Facilitate insights to help them see blind spots and recognize limiting patterns
  • Listen and reflect to clients to expand their self-awareness
  • Develop conscious and effective leaders from inside out
  • Cultivate client’s emotional intelligence with themselves, their relationships and teams
  • Bring compassion, mediation, and collaboration to their workplace and personal life
  • Drive powerful transformational experiences
Areas of expertise:
  • Managers & executives at startups and large companies
  • Workshop development & facilitation
  • Positive psychology
  • Relationship coaching
  • Self-awareness
  • Chakra balancing
  • Individual & organizational coaching
  • Purpose-driven and creative individuals
  • Holistic leadership
  • Guided visualization meditation

As a first-generation immigrant, Jasmine has been a lifelong student of understanding and empathizing with a diversity of people and their backgrounds. Jasmine holds a Bachelor’s in Finance and Marketing from the University of Houston and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles. Her own journey through the demands of a post- corporate career, growing up in economic hardships, and rediscovery of her inner truths allows her to connect with clients who want to live empowered lives. She is currently pursuing her second Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University with a concentration in Spirituality, Mind, and Body, which supports her efforts to design evidence-based programs and tools to facilitate sustainable wellbeing. Prior to coaching, Jasmine worked for several Fortune 500 companies for 10+ years until she decided to pivot her career, studying eastern meditative practices, yoga, and Psychology. Jasmine lives in New York City where she enjoys learning and performing dance and writing poetry.  

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client testimonials

Jasmine teaches from a place of pure authenticity. If you want to feel calm and get in touch with who you really are then Jasmin is the perfect coach. Be prepared to connect to yourself and feel more connected to others.

Suze Schwartz

Founder & Owner of Unplug Meditation

To work with Jasmine Shah is truly a gift to oneself. Jasmine leads with a nurturing energy and has a beautiful way of tapping into the deep parts of my being. She has relieved me from trauma I did not know was holding me back and with every discussion, I understand more, feeling growth and closer to my authentic self. Jasmine structures our sessions in a way that allows us to pivot as necessary. Un-like my experience with therapists, I end our conversations invigorated and with takeaways and resources to carry me through upcoming days and weeks. Jasmine exudes love, passion and patience whether we have a short chat or hour plus long talk. With her undivided attention, including her calls just to check in, I recommend working with Jasmine to anyone no matter what stage of your journey you are in. Jasmine is truly a treasure that anyone who works with her, should be fortunate to find.

Morgan C


Jasmine is amazing! She created a safe space and supporting environment where we felt free to be our most vulnerable selves. From the first session, a group of strangers became friends, were driven to tears, and everyone finished the workshop stringer and happier than they were just weeks prior. I feel like a different person. This experience helped make me aware of things I didn’t know were such a huge impact on my life. Now that I am aware, I can control them, and thereby be more in control of my life. Jasmine’s passion for her service and her compassion for all of us was incredibly apparent and overwhelming.


Elevate Workshop Participan

Where do I start???!!!?!?! The moment I met Jasmine, I was captivated by her elegance and kindness. The meditations and coaching I have received from her have been life-changing and I am so beyond thankful to have her as a part of my life and well-being.

Tiffany S

Singer & Songwriter

If I could use one word to describe how I felt after doing this program (work), it would be empowered. I have become more aligned with myself and my purpose, and a leader in my life after this working with Jasmine.


Marketing Manager, King




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