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Maha Bodhi, Coach/Facilitator


Maha Bodhi

Maha empowers leaders to make measurable change.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and coach, Maha helps clients transform through her cutting edge, inside-out approach, based on neuroplasticity and corporate leadership best practices.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Identify deeply ingrained limiting beliefs
  • Create new habitual patterns to override limiting beliefs
  • Reinforce new patterns to help clients achieve their goals
Areas of expertise:
  • Women in corporate leadership positions
  • Women entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Progressive team leaders, corporations or organizations looking to deliver cutting edge leadership development programs for their women employees

CEO and Founder of Women in Leadership Space, a suite of leadership development programs designed for progressive corporations to develop their women employees into powerful leaders, Maha Bodhi has a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management and a certificate in Human Resources Development from UCLA. A certified meditation and yoga instructor, Maha leads inspirational speaking engagements, international yoga retreats, trainings for Fortune 500 corporations and is featured in the upcoming HBO documentary Scars Unseen. Currently residing in Los Angeles California, her hobbies include reading, hiking, the beach, walking her dog, discovering new restaurants and watching stand-up comedy.

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client testimonials

She provided me with powerful tools that have helped me stay grounded and significantly decrease stress levels at work. This, in turn, has allowed me to be more efficient and productive in my role, as well as more accessible to my team. Thank you, Maha!

Marilyn Beardsley

Vice President - Real Estate Law at Albertsons

Excellent! She doesn't just have a cookie-cutter class for corporate events -- she works to incorporate your ideas/company values.

Vincent Catanzariti

Account Strategist at Google

Maha has changed my life. She is an amazing coach and you really feel her love in all that she does. I enjoyed Maha's thoughtful approach. Her sessions are consistently a bright spot in my day. I am left vibrating higher and ready for the rest of the day.

Elizabeth Camacho

Office Manager & Culture Associate at Tala

I attended Maha's leadership training because I am working on building my confidence as a woman business owner. I connect with Maha's journey of confidence building and am inspired by her success and continuing growth. Two things impacted me the most: the meditation that revealed, quite clearly, my limiting beliefs; and the language cheat sheet! So valuable.

Sue Skalicky

Founder/owner of Plotline




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