We offer training for executives, managers, first-line leads, individual contributors, and intact teams. Our programs are highly interactive and deliver practical insights to apply immediately back at work. All of our training work is supported by access to a highly skilled Coach who is available to answer questions and help participants incorporate their new behaviors back at work.


Our Approach

Our formula is simple:

A Focused Mindset + A Skilled Approach = Superior Results

Our approach to training is highly focused and incorporates these methods:

  • Short Bursts of Learning Spread Over Time

  • Highly-Practical Interactive Sessions

  • Immediate Opportunity to Practice and Apply Concepts

  • Personal Action Commitments

  • Post-Session Coaching Support

Leadership Series

Leadership Foundations

Engaged leaders create an environment where people can… and choose… to do their best work.  This highly-interactive session helps leaders understand how what they do every day contributes to or detracts from an environment where people and business thrives. 

Many leaders, whether first-time supervisors or tenured senior executives, unknowingly undermine their personal and team’s effectiveness by falling into old patterns that no longer serve them.  We explore the journey of leadership maturity by focusing on the behavioral shifts necessary to transition from excellent “doing” to excellent “leading” and identifying specific ways to magnify leadership impact as business and responsibilities scale. 

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Continue to grow their leadership maturity through increased self-awareness and consciously separating “doing” from “leading.”

  • Optimize business outcomes through intentional and impactful interactions with their people.

  • Utilize questions to increase alignment and engagement.

  • Focus their listening in order to maximize time and leadership impact.

Delegation: Empowerment & Accountability

Delegating work to others is one of the most basic, yet important activities a leader does; and it is deceptively difficult to do well.  This engaging and practical session helps managers examine, adjust and hone the core skills and mindsets needed for effective delegation.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Overcome obstacles that get in their way of effectively delegating.

  • Delegate work that is more appropriate for others to do or contributes to the growth of their team members.

  • Choose the level of involvement that will lead to the greatest success based on their team member’s ability and motivation/confidence and risk involved.

  • Implement a proven, simple, repeatable process for effectively delegating in a way that results in commitment, engagement and success.

Giving Effective Feedback

The leaders who are able and willing to consistently give effective feedback are exponentially more impactful than those who aren’t. They are also able to get great performance out of just about anyone as opposed to a select few.

This highly-interactive session focuses on how to give feedback in a way that reduces defensiveness and promotes trust, partnership and action. It helps leaders demystify feedback by taking the emotion out of it, and emphasizes how to make feedback “no big deal” by simply making it part of everyday conversations.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Incorporate giving feedback into their everyday conversations.

  • Focus their feedback on both what went well and what needs improving.

  • Deliver their feedback in a way that is helpful, respectful and allows the other person to hear it.

  • Open feedback conversations in a way that minimizes defensiveness and demonstrates a partnership focus.

  • Handle the most difficult types of feedback discussions.

Working Effectively with Conflict

Leaders who can harness conflict and view it as a productive course of business, are able to achieve a powerful competitive advantage. Yet, many leaders either avoid addressing conflicts or address them in ways that destroy trust, engagement and deter resolution. This practical session gives leaders a greater understanding of why conflict happens and how to diagnose the causes, and covers the skills necessary to effectively address it.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Manage their own emotion during conflict.

  • Reframe how they see others’ points of view during conflicts in order to get to resolution faster and more effectively.

  • Effectively utilize discovery-based questioning, nonjudgmental listening and respectful assertion when working with conflict.

  • Apply a simple, yet powerful, process to productively work through conflict situations.

Leading Team Development

High-performing teams don’t just happen on their own—even when you have highly-skilled, motivated individuals. It takes time, energy and commitment from all members to decide how to operate as a team. The most effective leaders skillfully facilitate and participate in this process. This highly-experiential session focuses leaders on how to accelerate the development and effectiveness of their teams using a proven team development process.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Confirm their assessment of their current team against the characteristics of each team development stage with their team.

  • Address any outstanding team alignment issues involving team purpose, goals, roles and operating protocols.

  • Better fulfill their role as leader of the team’s development and how to coach their team members to better fulfill their roles.

  • Accelerate their team’s development toward high performance.

Level Up!

Learning is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process that builds over time through experience, reflection, practice and feedback. Our Level Up! Application Labs enable participants to take their initial learning to the next level by applying the mindsets and skills to more nuanced and sophisticated situations. The Labs provide a forum to reflect, restore, refine and practice their skills thereby enhancing leadership effectiveness. The most substantial benefits of the Application Labs include:

  • Increasing accountability and follow through on commitments

  • Enhancing long term stickiness of skill adoption and new habits

  • Growing leadership skills through next level learning and focused coaching

Diversity at Work

This session engages and deepens a set of skills for your team that will allow you to explore human diversity as it shows up in our work and in our organizations. As we move increasingly towards a global society, organizations that understand how to thoughtfully engage on issues of difference and identity will hold a distinct advantage when it comes to recruiting, hiring and maintaining top talent. This offering will not only provide tools on how to learn more about and discuss your team in humanistic terms, but explore the impact of identity in the workplace.

Cross-Cultural Communication

This workshop provides a space for you and your team to build skills around communicating through and across difference. Effective cross-cultural communication is more than just understanding language and custom – all communication is cross-cultural. By building capacity in this area, you and your team will be better able to navigate through misunderstanding, preserve relationships, and maintain clarity in your communication. The intuitive skills that we will build in this session will help lower workplace conflict, reduce risk of claims to HR, and lead to more productive collaboration within and outside of your team.

Exploring Unconscious Bias

This session examines the ways that unconscious assumption, bias and prejudice emerge within the workplace and provides your team with the skills to manage and mitigate this human tendency.Unconscious bias manifests in all human relationships and can have profoundly negative impacts on organizational culture, relationships, and productivity – but what if you could interrupt and disrupt it? This session will help you build the capacity to recognize and subvert bias by explaining the mechanics of assumptions and prejudice, laying out strategies for addressing bias, and creating space to practice those skills in real time.

Team Series

Accelerating Team Performance

This session takes leaders and their teams though a practical, proven team alignment process resulting in specific commitments necessary to becoming a “High-Performing Team.” With guidance and through a facilitated process, they get the feedback they need to see where they stack up against the team’s criteria.

We will work through specific issues that are preventing the team from working most effectively, and create specific action plans with the steps needed to move forward.

Program Outcomes

  • Full alignment and commitment to the team’s vision, purpose, goals, roles, accountabilities and interdependencies, and/or operating protocols

  • A stronger, more cohesive team with higher levels of trust and appreciation of strengths and differences

  • Accelerated integration and alignment of new team members and/or leader

  • An established team identity and team-oriented operating culture

  • A set of actionable steps to accelerate the team’s development and increase effectiveness


Team Insights

Understanding our personality type can lead to powerful insights about ourselves as individuals: What energizes us, how we process information, how we make decisions, and how we orient ourselves to the outer world. When explored in a team setting, this experience deepens as we begin to see how others experience us and why we experience our teammates the way we do.

Team Insights Program Description (PDF) »

Program Outcomes

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased appreciation for the differences among team members

  • Increased understanding of how to interact more effectively with people with different preferences

  • Strengthened relationships

  • Increased compassion, decreased frustration

  • Understanding of which preferences are represented on the team and the potential implications