EngagedLeadership's handpicked team of deeply experienced coaches and facilitators offer an array of leadership and communication expertise to help leaders and teams build their awareness and grow their capabilities.

Our coaches were selected because of their ability to create a deep connection with the leaders they coach.  When that ability is combined with broad business perspectives and decades of coaching experience, we produce significant and lasting change for our clients.

Our facilitators are also richly experienced, with long track records of successful work with diverse audiences at some of the most successful companies in the world.  Whether you need someone with former Fortune 500, C-level leadership experience or someone who can connect with your young creatives and technical population, you will have your choice of expertise to draw from.

"Larry and his team of coaches at EngagedLeadership have helped a group of very talented people at Epic become more effective communicators, managers, and leaders. It's the highest-return investment that we've made in our people, our culture, and our company."

Paul Meegan, President, Epic Games

Our Team

Larry Seal


Larry has honed his skills as an executive coach and facilitator working with founders, executive teams and managers. His focus is improving the leadership and engagement skills of his clients from start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies.  He has a unique ability to create a deep level of connection with executives that combines with a broad business perspective that produces significant and lasting change.

Melanie Bernstein


Melanie has experience with clients in a myriad of business sectors: financial services, consumer products, software development, entertainment, aerospace and defense, fashion and gaming businesses.

Her background as an entrepreneur, and then in corporate training and client support, combines with a passion for developing teams and mentoring others.  Her diverse business background combines with a can do, inclusive, and encouraging nature has enabled her to create a passionate and creative team at EngagedLeadership.   

Melanie blends an ability for strategic thinking and planning with a practical operational sense that strongly informs all of our operations, product design and employee and client experience.

Sue Cedar

Sue Cedar

Coaching Support Manager

Sue works with all of our executive coaching clients managing their coaching feedback and survey processes. She also works closely with Melanie, Larry, and the entire team assisting with numerous administrative roles that support our clients and coachees.

For well over two decades, Sue has served in administrative roles for police and prosecutor sectors of the State of New Jersey. Now retired from her first career, we are delighted to have Sue as an enthusiastic and central part of our client support team.

Sue is an animal lover and country girl at heart. In her spare time, she enjoys nature, jazz, the arts, and the state of Vermont!

Stephanie Bernstein

Stefanie Bernstein

Executive Assistant

Stefanie provides administrative support to Larry and Melanie with calendaring, travel arrangements, and client proposals as well as a myriad of other administrative tasks. She also supports our Client Experience Team.

Stef hails from NJ but makes Philadelphia her home. The city of brotherly love is an exciting base where she indulges in her passion for music and the arts.


Jodi Eisner

Client Services Coordinator

Jodi has a passion for helping people. She brings a deep care to her work and communications and is an expert at tuning into people’s specific needs. With a background in education and corporate on-boarding, operations, training and client support, she is a natural fit for her role as Client Service Coordinator.

Tapping into her strong communication skills, and easy-going nature, she works with clients to ensure the highest quality outcomes, all the while creating long-lasting relationships. By helping people achieve their goals, she meets many of her own.  Like all great client service professionals, helping you, fuels her. We feel lucky to have her.

Jodi has significant experience helping companies navigate the people and organizational challenges of; rapid growth and expansion, turnover, as well as the pains of downsizing.

New Jersey has been her home for the majority of her life, where she treasures moments with longtime friends, as well as her loving fiancé, their three children, and extended family.

Laura Marvin


Laura has 20 years of extensive experience in coaching, organization and team development, leadership and management training, and human resources engagement. She has consulted within a variety of industries, both in the public and private sectors. 

Shannon McGhee


Shannon brings 20 years of extensive experience working with leaders, at all levels, to move their business forward in a way that positively impacts people and business results. Areas of expertise include leadership development, talent acquisition, compensation structure, employee relations, and organizational development.

John Brennan


John brings over thirty years’ experience in business, focusing on helping organizations— their people, clients and investors—thrive by creating great cultures, leaders and human capital practices. His expertise has centered on helping leaders inspire their people to produce their best and aligning individual and organizational goals, motivations, and outcomes. He has been a member of a variety executive leadership teams in his career. 

Sam Spear


Sam has nearly 10 years of coaching experience in developing leaders of all walks of life, from those within the Fortune 500, to those running startups; facilitating insight, confidence, and connection. Today, whether it’s working 1:1, or facilitating across regions or networks, Sam can quickly establish, solidify, and/or restore trust by helping clients navigate interpersonal and inter-organizational challenges.

Mira Ringler


Mira is an executive coach, leadership consultant, and facilitator. She works with clients to maximize their personal competitive advantage by focusing on their executive presence, leadership style, and interactions with others. Mira builds on the fundamental elements that make her clients unique and helps leverage strengths and hone qualities that will influence others and get results. She challenges clients to think about what impression they want to make and what needs to shift to get there.

Cathy Earley


Cathy has a passion for helping leaders recognize the significant impact they have on others through their actions, decisions, and communication. Cathy is insightful, high energy, action- driven, and known for candor and humor in her approach.

Ken Barry


Ken has over 35 years of experience in business, both from a technical and human resource perspective. He has been part of a team that built the largest petrochemical plant in North America with a self-directed, work team culture. He is a participative, results oriented coach that values teamwork and partnering with the leaders of an organization to create engaging cultures that empower people and teams to achieve outstanding personal and business results.

Wendy Ball


Wendy is a talented and experienced facilitator, with a proven track record of working at all levels in organizations, from individual employees to senior executives. She has successfully implemented board-level pilot programs, gaining client commitment to global company initiatives.

Marilyn Rios


Marilyn joins Engaged Leadership with over 30 years of experience successfully inspiring leaders, building teams and growing organizations. She is astute at helping to see the big picture while getting bottom-line results through relationship building and effective communications. She believes that when a leader, team or individual knows where they are heading, achieving greatness is simply a matter of tapping into their inner compass. 

Christy Tonge


Christy is passionate about partnering with organizations to reinvent leadership and the meaning of work, and does so through facilitation, executive coaching, assessment, consulting, and original design.

Sherryl Christie


Smart decision-making, the environment and sustainability. I love digital media, and advocate for brands that hold honest values, not just veneers. And finally, I vouch that you should question everything!

Maria Zlotnikova


Maria has more than 14-years experience working as a Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and Psycho-sociologist. Maria has a broad experience working with an array of international and Russian companies in Russia, Europe and Asia.

Caneel Joyce


Caneel believes that understanding human behavior is the ultimate competitive advantage and force for good in the world. She helps her clients to find alignment between their deepest intentions and the current reality, to channel their energy in effective directions, to infect others with their clarity of vision, and to navigate business challenges and seize opportunities with integrity.

Dr. Jamie Lewis Smith


Dr. Jamie Lewis Smith has 15+ years of experience guiding the growth and development of individuals, teams, and organizations. Jamie uses her training as a Clinical Psychologist to apply behavioral science principles and practices to help leaders align their daily interactions with their core values, support and accelerate successful leadership transitions, overcome roadblocks to career success, and bring about positive change in their organizations.

Martha Nonnemacher


Martha Nonnemacher brings over twenty-five years of experience leading large-scale Learning and Development Organizations. Martha has led L&D teams for organizations such as MetLife, Visa USA, Charles Schwab and Teletech. Martha is passionate about helping individuals, managers, executives and organizations grow and achieve meaningful culture and performance change utilizing best practices in training/facilitation, coaching, internal consulting and Organizational Development. Martha believes that the key to success is in any role is knowledge and education.

Claudia Picanço


Claudia Picanço is an HR professional and coach with more than 15 years of experience working with leaders at all levels. From start-ups to multinational corporations, she has successfully helped industry leaders at multi-site, international and matrix organizations, and within environments that are flexible, fast-paced, high-change and high-growth.

Carlos Duno


Carlos Duno’s 30 + years of experience, both domestically and internationally, includes a unique combination of executive and entrepreneurial roles, and high- level consulting and executive coaching, which allows him to quickly understand and relate to a wide diversity of business situations. This combination of executive roles, consulting and coaching experience, has taught him that the best ideas and plans will amount to very little, without learning and implementing powerful execution habits. Carlos’ values and work are deeply rooted by his belief that all people have natural strengths that can be developed. 

Sharon Margules

With more than 20 years of experience in corporate talent development, Sharon Margules consistently helps individuals and organizations unlock high performance. Leveraging her expertise in working with complex, changing organizations and in building leaders at all levels, Sharon creates comprehensive talent development strategies, facilitates seamless executive transitions and develops innovative learning solutions that enable the achievement of an organization’s most important business objectives. She is passionate about helping leaders and organizations, in the diverse industries she serves, get from where they are to where they want to be.

Aram Boyd

Aram is a leadership facilitator, consultant and executive coach, with over 30 years’ experience in corporate learning and development. He has worked with thousands of leaders in business, government and non-profit organizations across the country and in Japan.


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Giving Back

EngagedLeadership donates a portion of its revenues to support organizations that do good things in the world.  We believe in giving back and doing some good with our time and money.

The Orangutan Project — The Orangutan Project (TOP) is the world's foremost not-for-profit organization, supporting orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships, and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild.

Learn more about The Orangutan Project by visiting their website, orangutan.org.au/.

The EarthFire Institute — Earthfire was founded in 2000 to develop a new model of relating to nature through the voices of the rescued wildlife under its care.

Learn more about EarthFire Institute by visiting their website, earthfireinstitute.org.

Did you know? You can support charities like EarthFire Institute and The Orangutan Project by shopping through smile.amazon.com. Every eligible purchase you make at smile.amazon.com will result in a donation to a charity of your choice.

ReSurge International — ReSurge International provides reconstructive surgical care for poor children and adults who lack access and builds surgical capacity in developing countries. We restore the dreams of those with deformities and injuries, and impact the world by renewing the health of thousands of children and adults each year so they can go to school, provide for their families and contribute to society.

Shambhala Mountain Center — located on over 600 acres of pristine mountain forests and meadows. A sanctuary and training ground for body, mind, and spirit, their wilderness setting provides an ideal environment for meditation, yoga, contemplative arts, and conferences.