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Leadership Coaching

We offer coaching for individual C-Suite executives as well as your senior leadership teams.

Our leadership coaching is the perfect way to develop all of your leaders from first line supervisors to experienced executives that are stepping into larger responsibilities.

A Tailored Approach To Coaching

Our world-wide network offers broadly skilled coaches with diverse perspectives and work/life experiences. We will match your organizational culture with the ideal member of our coaching roster. We coach leaders of all levels, on a wide range of leadership, interpersonal, and communication issues.

Our leadership coaching help leaders:

  • Make sense of "Executive Presence”
  • Adjust their interaction style as role complexity increases
  • Create trust and credibility with new audiences
  • Expand their emotional intelligence
  • Improve their ability to coach and develop others

Coaching Options for all levels of leaders

Our high-touch approach helps leaders to break the performance-inhibiting patterns that hold them back and hurt your bottom-line. We offer our specifically tailored executive coaching services for your senior and C Suite executives. Our more streamlined “laser coaching” is the perfect option for less experienced Leaders who face less complex day to day challenges. In both cases, our proprietary 360 process will provide career changing insights and learning. We guarantee it.

Executive & C-Suite Coaching

For senior leaders whose success is critical to the organization 

In our most intensive engagement, our Coaches help identify the roadblocks (the obvious and highly nuanced) that make even the most experienced Leader far less effective than they could be. We offer frequent interactions, challenging and thought provoking conversation and interviews of their closest constituents. What most distinguishes EngagedLeadership Executive Leadership coaching is our at-work shadowing. When a neutral third-party professional Leadership Coach observes Leaders at work, interacting with their team and other colleagues, their limiting behaviors become apparent quickly. Most Leadership coaching programs rely on self-reporting for tracking successes, learning and progress. We know if Leaders, even your C-suite executives, were highly skilled at self-reflection and assessment, they wouldn't need a coach in the first place.

With the Coach’s guidance, your Leaders will make lasting changes that impact their team and the organization, so that everyone can -- and chooses to -- do their best work.

Typical duration: 6-9 Months

What’s involved?

  • Scheduled Weekly Conversations – via phone or video
  • 360 Feedback Assessment
  • Coaching Feedback Review with Action Planning
  • Shadowing – weekly, in-person/virtual
  • Reviewing Emails – on-going, ad-hoc 
  • Development Plan Review with Coachee Manager and/or HRBP 
  • Review of Progress (optional)

Coaching Intensive for senior & emerging leaders

Support the growth and development of any leader or high potential 

This intensive, three-month process supports the growth of existing and emerging Leaders by providing actionable insight into how they can be their best and what throws them off their game. 

Even in cultures that encourage feedback, there are natural limits to how far an individual can travel on their own. The insights and nuance provided by a professional Coach far exceed anything an individual can gather alone. EngagedLeadership’s Leadership Coaching is designed to support and accelerate the learning and development of any Leader regardless of level. 

Typical duration: 3 Months

What’s involved?

  • Scheduled weekly conversations – via phone or video
  • 360 Feedback Assessment
  • Coaching Feedback Review with Action Planning
  • Coordination with Coachee Manager and/or HRBP 

360 Degree Feedback with Coaching Support

Results for any leader with a targeted development plan on an accelerated timeline

In our most streamlined engagement, our Coaches help your Leaders prioritize their efforts to create and execute a targeted development plan to improve in areas that will make the most impact for them, their team, and the organization.

Typical duration: 2 Months

What’s involved?

  • Coaching Kickoff Discussion
  • 360 Feedback Assessment
  • Coaching Feedback Review with Action Planning
  • Coordination with Coachee Manager and/or HRBP 
  • On Demand Coaching Support

CAAT - Coach at a Touch

Affordable, quality coaching for new leaders and high potentials

This three-month virtual experience supports new leaders and high potentials as they step into expanded roles. On-going dialogue with a Coach ensures the Coachee focuses on the right things, has a confidential partner for thinking through challenges and makes the best use of their skills, while actively developing weaker areas.

What’s involved?

  • Upfront Self-Assessment with Feedback from Manager to identify initial Coaching Focus
  • Regularly Scheduled Calls
  • Actionable commitments and specific areas for follow-up 
  • On Demand Coaching Support

Leadership Circle & Group Coaching

Combines 1:1 coaching with group coaching support 

The Leadership Circle creates a space in which a cohort of Leaders from your organization gain self-awareness. 

Through a combination of one-on-one and small group coaching, real-time feedback and peer mentoring, Leaders will set their transformation in motion as they explore questions critical for success: Who I am as a Leader? How do I want to be seen? What is working now and what isn’t? What will take me to the next level?

What’s involved?

  • Individual Coaching with a dedicated Executive Coach
  • Proprietary 360 Assessment and Development Plan
  • Virtual Team Shadowing 
  • Customized Team Sessions 




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