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Executive Leadership Team Development

Customized to the specific needs of your team, our proven executive team coaching programs are led by experienced facilitators who drive the critical conversations and foster the human-to-human connections teams need to reach their potential. Misalignments and misunderstandings can create “executive friction,” leading to less effective teams. Our customized approach aligns and coaches your C-Suite, executive, and/ or upper management teams, so everyone can perform at their best.

Customize your team off-site:

360 Survey



Action Plans

Ongoing Reinforcement

We have decades of experience addressing the
unique struggles of executive leaders

Your C-Suite is typically your most experienced leaders, yet our experience shows the very traits that propelled them into positions of authority are often the ones that contribute most to team misalignment and friction.

Internal facilitation and coaching resources alone are rarely enough to stimulate the critical reflections, conversations, and action commitments needed to reduce executive friction. Our experienced executive coaches will help facilitate the conversations that can break the inevitable logjams that happen when executive leadership teams are called upon to rapidly navigate complex and changing business realities. Our Coaching will help your C-Suite learn improved ways of analyzing and approaching organizational issues, master new skills, build self-confidence, and utilize new tools.

Accelerating Team Performance

Accelerate company performance – starting with your Executive team

We know how to work with your C-Suite leaders to create positive individual and group change. Let us help your leadership teams unleash their potential for your organization.

Significant team development requires ongoing and coordinated effort from all team members. To excel, your team needs an accurate picture of where they are, where opportunities exist, and commitment to individual and group actions that create smoother accelerated performance.

Our session starts with a confidential 360 survey to get clarity on where the group is excelling and where opportunities exist. Once we synthesize the data, our facilitators meet with the team (individually and as a whole) to develop an actionable alignment plan that is designed to ensure everyone can perform at their best.

Program Outcomes

  • Deepened commitment to the team’s vision, purpose, goals, roles, and/or operating protocols 
  • A more cohesive, trusting, and communicative team 
  • Accelerated integration of new team members  
  • A shared team identity and aligned operating culture 
  • Action plans to leverage team strengths and accelerate their development

Team Insights

An in-depth analysis of your leadership team patterns
  • Powerful self-reflection
  • Insight-provoking, actionable peer feedback
  • Honest, authentic conversations that vastly increase trust and understanding 
  • Individual action commitments shared among team members
  • Personality / preference assessments like DISC or MBTI

Program Outcomes

Your executive teams will:
  • Experience increased self-awareness and appreciation for the differences among team members
  • Have practice productively addressing misunderstandings
  • Improve their ability to work effectively with disparate work styles/prefences
  • Commit to specific actions and follow-up on them
  • Have strengthened trust in all relationships
  • Be able to productively address and mitigate frustration and friction  




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