We offer onsite and virtual training for executives, managers, first-line leads, individual contributors, and intact teams. During our interactive programs, participants are supported by a highly skilled Coach who delivers practical insights, answers questions and helps them immediately incorporate their new behaviors back at work.

our approach

Our formula is simple:
A Focused Mindset + A Skilled Approach = Superior Results

Our highly focused method incorporates:

  • Short bursts of learning spread over time
  • Immediate opportunities to practice and apply concepts
  • Personal action commitments
  • Post-session coaching support
  • Choice of virtual or in-person sessions
  • Creating an improved way of working to accommodate C-level demands helping new leaders develop skills for influencing others

Leadership Mastery Series

Typical Duration – 4-9 months • Up to 15 people per cohort A multi-module experience • Virtual or in-person
Highly interactive sessions • Practical insights • Immediate application back at work


leadership series for
Senior leaders

leadership series for
leads & managers

leadership series for
independent contributors & high potentials

Leadership Focus

Boost your team’s leadership confidence

Managers can unknowingly undermine their team by falling into unproductive patterns.

This hands-on session teaches leaders to make necessary behavioral shifts by showing them how to own their impact and boost their leadership maturity. By honing communication skills, leaders learn to produce business results and a happy team.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Grow leadership maturity through increased self-awareness
  • Optimize business outcomes through intentional interactions
  • Utilize questions to increase engagement
  • Focus listening to maximize leadership impact

Delegation: Empowerment & Accountability

Magnify your leaders’ impact

Delegating to others is one of a leader’s most basic activities, and it is deceptively difficult to do well. When practiced with skill, it can become one of the most potent force multipliers in a leader’s toolbox. 

This engaging, practical session helps managers implement a proven, simple process that results in commitment, engagement and success.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Overcome obstacles to effectively delegating
  • Communicate clear goals
  • Track progress to ensure team learning 
  • Delegate more effectively to scale the organization 

Giving Effective Feedback

Teach leaders to communicate actionable feedback

Feedback is a game-changer -- when delivered so that the recipient can hear, understand and act on it. The best managers address “misses in performance” while developing their team in a  way that inspires their best work.

This interactive session helps leaders demystify feedback by making it “no big deal.”

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Incorporate giving feedback into their everyday conversations
  • Focus their feedback on both what went well and what needs improving
  • Deliver their feedback in a way that is helpful, respectful and allows the other person to hear it
  • Open feedback conversations in a way that minimizes defensiveness and demonstrates a partnership focus
  • Handle the most difficult types of feedback discussions

Working Effectively with Conflict

Harness conflict for more effective leadership

Leaders who view conflict as a productive course of business achieve a real competitive advantage. Yet many leaders either avoid or address conflict in ways that destroy trust, engagement and deter resolution. 

This dynamic session gives leaders an understanding of the instinctive response to conflict, how to diagnose the causes and how to address it.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Manage their own emotion during conflict
  • Utilize discovery-based questioning, non-judgmental listening and respectful assertion 
  • Resolve conflict using a proven, collaborative approach

Leading Team Development

Accelerate team alignment for exceptional results

High-performing teams don’t gel overnight—even when comprised of skilled, motivated individuals. It takes time, energy and commitment from all members. The most effective leaders facilitate and participate in this effort.

This experiential session focuses leaders on how to accelerate the effectiveness of their teams using a proven process.

Leaders walk away with a practical action plan to:

  • Assess their team’s development stage
  • Address alignment issues involving purpose, goals, roles and operating protocols
  • Better fulfill their role as leader of the team’s development 
  • Accelerate their team toward high-performance