What is the Group Coaching Model?

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What is the Group Coaching Model?

Group Coaching transforms our popular one-on-one coaching into a collective experience by bringing together a group of leaders/managers or an in-tact team, for regular sessions under a single Coach. This model allows participants to experience the most powerful tools of our one-on-one coaching program, such as 360-feedback and individualized Coach-Coachee interactions, while also benefiting from the dozens of years of experience their peers bring to the table. 

What is Group Coaching?

A powerful, cost-effective investment in leadership development, Group Coaching typically takes place in bimonthly, 90-120-minute sessions, with 4-10 leaders. Starting with a self-assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, the cadre is then introduced to new mindsets and skillsets for approaching work challenges, as well as exploring how to effectively apply their skills that may not be having their fullest possible impact.

Learning together – and from each other – the cadre brainstorms, roleplays common situations from multiple perspectives, and talks about the realities of leading in your company. 

Benefits of Coaching in Groups

Since the entire cohort swims in the same corporate waters, they understand each other’s on-the-ground realities better than anyone else. A unique benefit of Group Coaching is the ability to listen to a colleague who is a few years ahead in their leadership journey – or simply to witness how different personality types make use of the same concepts and tools. In fact, participants report that the group peer coaching they get is one of the places they derive the most growth and value.

Whether you bring together an intact team or a group of disparate leaders in your organization, Group Coaching helps bond a team in a new and powerful way, creating newfound connections and camaraderie that will benefit the company far beyond this coaching work as relationships are built and strengthened. As the cohort talks about their positive and negative tendencies and patterns under the guidance of the Coach, they create a space where they can  be vulnerable together, which is hard to come by during the hustle of everyday operations. 

By creating a shared language around topics like feedback and setting goals, Group Coaching helps get the cohort on the same page. After the Group Coaching experience, that small group of 4-10 leaders will bring that vocabulary to their teams, where it will become ingrained in the culture, allowing its positive impact to ripple outward.

What is the Difference between Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching?

Group Coaching offers a number of benefits that distinguish it from the more intensive, more expensive one-on-one approach. 

While one-on-one coaching is typically reserved for more senior, executive-level, C-Suite employees, Group Coaching is a cost-effective, highly efficient investment in mid- to lower-level leaders, setting them on a strong trajectory of career development. When you bring together a group of leaders, individuals will feel more invested in the collective experience, as it takes place alongside other important, valued members of the company.

The group setting also affords numerous advantages: There are many people who appreciate sharing, listening and learning together rather than in a one-on-one interaction. Regardless of learning preference, all members benefit from the opportunity to role-play, gleaning powerful insights from observing common situations in action. They benefit from seeing how the same concepts, models and skills play out very differently in the various personality styles of their cohort, opening them to trying new approaches and adopting new mindsets.

Is Group Coaching right for my team?

If you would like to explore a powerful and cost-effective way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to its leaders, create unique learning opportunities and strengthen working relationships, reach out and schedule a call to see how Group Coaching will work for you.


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