What It Means to Be an Engaged Leader

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When we use the term “EngagedLeadership”, we are referring to the approach a leader can take to ensure their decisions foster a working environment that brings out the strengths of each team member while delivering exceptional business results. This style of leadership encourages leaders to invest the time to understand the diverse needs and talents and weaknesses of their team, and engage in proactive actions to ensure the team thrives and succeeds.

What is an Engaged Leader?

As the title suggests, an Engaged Leader is one who is engaged with the team they manage. While anyone in a leadership role can assign tasks and supervise work activities, an Engaged Leader is committed to playing an active role in guiding the team toward success. Engaged leaders ACT to bring out the best in each team member. They look to enhance the performance of each individual every day, effectively coaching them to higher levels of performance, commitment, and cohesion with the rest of the team. 

The Benefits of Engaged Leadership

An Engaged Leader brings a blend of leadership, management, colleagueship and thought partnership to the team as a whole to create sustained, committed, high performance.



  • Engaged Leaders learn to build both self-awareness and awareness of their individual team members
  • Engaged Leaders courageously and thoughtfully identify individual strengths and weaknesses in others and through skilled coaching, they help everyone, including themselves learn to work and interact at their best. 
  • Engaged Leaders learn to balance “business intentions” with “people intentions” to maintain a cohesive, productive environment.

Our Leadership Approach

Our team at EngagedLeadership helps business leaders and executives at any level incorporate the key features that separate an Engaged Leader from a supervisor/boss/manager. With years of research and actual practice with literally thousands of leaders, our coaches know what it takes to reshape the way business leaders view and operate. 

We help them build their self-exploration skills, their willingness and ability to hear feedback, and strengthen their ability to reduce and manage stress - their own and that of their teams.

Our Leadership Coaching and Training programs help each leader create workplace environments that ensure each employee feels heard, appreciated, and willing to put their best foot forward for a leader and company that supports and encourages their uniqueness.

EngagedLeadership wants to help turn the companies our clients manage into powerful and motivating places to work.

Are your leaders the Engaged Leaders they need to be? 

If not, schedule a call with us today to discover how we can help your leaders level-up.


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