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Alex Yaroslavsky, Coach/Facilitator


Alex Yaroslavsky

Alex helps his clients align intentions with their impact.

Alex’s background in Mediation, Coaching and Human Resources make him an expert in supporting leaders in development communication skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Quickly grasp interpersonal dynamics to understand multiple points of views, uncover the trust gaps, and opportunities for strengthening relationships
  • Model active listening, reflection, asking powerful questions, and other emotional intelligence skills
  • Provide direct, constructive, actionable feedback
  • Balance accountability with support
  • Bring humor and support to coaching conversations
Areas of expertise:
  • Engineering, Financial Services, Global Nonprofit, Healthcare, Higher education, Legal Services, Sports & Media, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities 
  • Individual founders and founding teams, in startups across the world
  • Rapidly scaling businesses who find every process stretched, in particular their leadership capabilities
  • Technology and entertainment companies whose technical and creative populations require someone with extensive experience with their disciplines

Alex graduated from New York University, where he studied Marketing and International Business with a minor in Russian. He also earned a Master’s in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, where he became a mediator and discovered his passion for conflict resolution. Alex received an Executive Coaching certificate from the Georgetown School for Transformational Leadership.  He holds an NCM credential from the NY State Dispute Resolution Association and an ICF PCC coaching certification. 

Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Alex came to the United States at the age of ten. He has also lived in Tokyo, Japan, where he was an HR Business Partner with Morgan Stanley. An avid scuba diver, Alex now lives in New York with his teenage son where he likes to recharge by running along the Hudson River. 

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Client Testimonials

Alex is an extremely professional and gifted coach. I recommend Alex to anyone who feels stuck and ready to implement real change or improve an already great situation. He knows how to get things to the next level and is thinking many steps ahead. Alex's advice has been transformative for both personally and professionally. His coaching expertise adds so much value that I only regret not tapping into it earlier, as it would have saved me so much time, money and worry.

Irina, R

Working with Alex was one of the best decisions I made as a new member of an executive team. His careful, attentive coaching helped me to better understand the dynamics of managerial relationships and how to effectively communicate with colleagues and subordinates. Over a year later, I am still using what I learned from our work together every day.

Katie S

Alex has worked with several senior level professionals in our business and has connected well with all of them. He brings a very rational and open-minded approach to the coaching experience and is able to tailor his style to meet the needs of the client. Alex has been wonderful to work with as a professional and he always goes the extra mile for his clients. I would highly recommend Alex as an Executive Coach.

Jennifer K

After working with Alex, I found myself navigating conflict much more confidently. I clearly noticed myself changing conflict behaviors.

Greg L

Alex has a very special way of asking questions that helped me create clarity. During a difficult professional year, Alex helped me to see what was important and how to solve my issues in alignment with my values.

Flavia V

Alex has been invaluable to me for his depth of expertise, application of behavioral psychology, and his incisive yet gentle coaching approach.

Victoria K.

Alex’s careful, attentive coaching helped me to better understand the dynamics of managerial relationships and how to effectively communicate with colleagues and subordinates.

Barbara R.




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