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Brian Sheakley, Coach/Facilitator


Brian Sheakley

Brian facilitates clients’ growth through introspection and empathy.

Through 30 years of servant leadership, Brian knows how a strategic vision and a dedication to transparency helps clients overcome barriers and cultivate personal actions that drive success .

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Provide direct, targeted feedback
  • Quickly diagnose internal and external barriers to growth
  • Analyze and translate complex concepts into actionable improvements
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Teach how to demonstrate empathy through action
  • Illustrate how to cultivate a culture of growth
Areas of expertise:
  • Executive leaders who wish to grow and maintain high performing, healthy teams
  • Changing cultures through direct action and positive reinforcement 
  • New leaders looking to enhance their communication, leadership toolkit, and team building
  • Leading through problem solving, removing barriers, and building organizational trust

With 30 years of Naval Service and private industry experience, Brian has transformed over 20 organizations through engagement, coaching, and empathy. Brian graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and has a MBA and Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Naval Postgraduate School.  He lives in Norfolk, VA with his wife, Erin and their three children. He is an avid runner who loves mountain biking, golfing, and spending time with his family.

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Client Testimonials

From our time serving in the U.S. Navy together, I’ve concluded that Brian is the most impressive leader and Naval Officer I’ve worked with in my 25 ½ year career. Why? He’s fair, firm, and consistent. Seeing firsthand his keen listening skills, exceptional decision-making abilities and the empowerment of his people resulted in confidence and loyalty from those he led. He grew me as an executive leader, mentoring me to improve and motivating to do more. Serving with him was an absolute pleasure.

Josh Miller

Command Master Chief, USN (Ret.)

My leadership skills exponentially improved after my time with Brian. Not only did I grow as a leader and human being, I feel confident I have the tools to help all my staff do the same. I continue to reflect back on my lessons learned from him when dealing with difficult situations and am better for it. He helped me see that we all have vulnerabilities, and denying that or not being open and honest about it will only hold us back. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Jenny M. Bencze


Throughout my 25 years of military experience, I can say without a doubt that Brian’s leadership has had the most impact on my life. He is an empathetic leader, coach and mentor that shapes his subordinates into a cohesive team that strives to excel in every endeavor. He provided an environment that allowed for controlled failure, utilizing constructive feedback to mold teams which emphasized individual strengths while minimizing weakness. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work for Brian and any team that Brian is a part of will assuredly succeed.

Kenneth Byers





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