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Chris Holiday, Coach/Facilitator


Chris Holiday

Chris helps clients shine their brightest.

With her unique background and skillset, Chris helps clients unleash their best selves to achieve personal and professional goals, for themselves and their organizations.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Ask questions that get to the heart of the matter
  • Deeply understand their world and the nuances therein
  • Observe and reflect both productive and counterproductive behaviors
  • Partner to brainstorm new solutions to challenges
  • Support with compassion and empathy, while holding them accountable
Areas of expertise:
  • Leadership, including new leaders, new to C-suite, and high potentials 
  • Communication, including speaking and presentation skills 
  • Confidence, including Imposter Syndrome and Executive Presence
  • Facilitation of meetings (i.e., exec team meetings, ideation sessions) and training in leadership and communications 

Chris Holliday has worked with clients across the globe in well-known companies including Abbott Labs, CVS, eBay, GE, Hasbro, PayPal, Intel, International Paper, LVMH, and more.

In addition to two decades in marketing management and consulting, Chris brings perspectives, skills, and tools from her professional acting career – things they don’t teach in business schools (but probably should) - to help clients with EQ and the interpersonal skills leaders need in today’s environment, in unique and powerful ways.

Chris holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles and has two grown children. She enjoys theater and improv, hiking, and travel to places near and far.

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Client Testimonials

My time working with Chris has been invaluable. Chris' attention to both providing and cultivating emotional intelligence is essential for those who are looking to be better direct or influence their organizations. The time I have spent with Chris has inspired me to look inward so as to more effectively be a leader of leaders. Ultimately our time together has resulted in my feeling better prepared to meet the ever evolving demands of leadership in a world that is in a continuous state of change.

Chris M

C-Level exec Mental Health Industry

I had the pleasure of working with Chris on designing a critical one hour webinar presentation and full day workshop essential to my business. Having Chris’ invaluable input, feedback and ideas helped me not only refine my message and offering, but gave me renewed confidence in the material and content. Her easy to work with personality, vivaciousness and creativity all added to the experience. Hiring Chris to help me develop my content was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. 3 Thumbs up!!

Monique T

Women’s Leadership Coach

The workshop Chris coached me on was a great success; based on direct feedback from my audience. And best of all, after working with Chris, I evolved to an even greater level of confidence in my ability to present my message effectively.

Val W

Executive Leadership Consultant

On behalf of the nearly 160 members attending Saturday’s Zoom Fall Leadership Conference, I want to thank Chris for being an outstanding Breakout Session Speaker. “Demystifying Executive Presence” was extremely relevant, thoughtful in its detail and delivered in a most compelling way. Chris’ friendly, insightful answers to all of the questions from the engaged participants was “must see/listen” material. Bravo!

Angus G

Leadership Conference Organizer




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