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Dr. Ann Marie Kappel, Coach/Facilitator


Dr. Ann Marie Kappel

Dr. Ann Kappel helps clients discover their superpower.

A solutionist by nature, Dr. Kappel helps leaders shift limiting mental models to become the best version of themselves.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Lead with curiosity through deep questioning to get results
  • Increase self-awareness by cultivating Emotional Intelligence
  • Equip leaders with a growth mindset
  • Develop empathy-building strategies to be present and intentional
  • Champion inclusivity and allyship in the workplace
Areas of expertise:
  • Taking senior and emerging leaders from good to great with brain-based techniques
  • Helping military/gov’t organizations and other professionals leverage their leaders’ top strengths to bring about culture change
  • Supporting C-Suite women leaders to overcome self-sabotage and and create psychological safety
  • Offering evidence-based, PQ mental fitness mindset reset programs to global startups

With 20+ years of corporate experience and 10+ as a leadership  Coach with over 2000 coaching hours Dr. Kappel holds an MBA from Regis University and a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Walden University. She earned her PCC with the International Coaching Federation, and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Prosci Change Management Practitioner. She is also a certified Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach and certified Inside Out Coaching facilitator.

Currently a resident of Virginia, she fulfills her passion to live her best life by traveling, working out, frequenting the stretch lab to stay healthy, spending quality time with her grandkids, and taking quiet time for prayer.

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Kappel has been an invaluable resource in my personal and professional development. She has helped me identify areas where I can improve as both an employee and a leader. Dr. Kappel has also helped me reaffirm my strengths and how I can leverage them in my current position. I walked away from each of her sessions feeling energized and motivated.

M. Lovejoy

ISD Training Specialist Norfolk Naval Shipyard

On a scale of 1-10 I rate myself a 4 pre-coaching and a 9 post-coaching with Dr. Kappel. I have identified gaps in the areas of self-awareness and authenticity that were hindering my personal and professional growth. I am now present in all encounters with others and my team. Thank you for the opportunity to be coached and the experience to develop myself.

C. Lucas

Sr. Safety Officer, Sublant Division US Navy Base Norfolk, VA

I just want to thank Dr. Kappel for coaching me during COVID 19 environment, although a difficult time you always made time to coach me. Admittedly reluctant initially, having coached with you it is astounding how much I learned about myself and my leadership techniques and abilities. I was able to address issues in my work and home life you help me identify the tools I need for my journey. Thank you for your time and patience with me. I hope Norfolk base see your benefits as I did. Keep on being who you are. You do make a difference.

J. Andrade

Leadership Development & Training, Hawaii Naval Command University

I want to say thank you to Dr. Kappel for providing personal leadership coaching and development workshops to leaders like myself for the past year. I received personal and group coaching and project management training from Dr. Kappel. I learned to get unstuck by identifying my saboteurs, and shifting my limiting beliefs. I learned to set SMART goals, improve my health and communication skills. My relationship with co-workers has improved and I am now able to mentor team members on risk planning and execution on projects. I am truly grateful for all I have learned to positively influence others. Thank you Dr. Kappel you are a difference maker.

C. Magdaloyo

Risk Manager Topeka DSRA Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The group coaching sessions allowed us as emerging leaders to discuss challenges, get feedback on current problems in a safe environment and challenge us to keep our professional growth at the forefront of our priorities. I learned to prioritize my busy schedule and have accountability. Dr. Kappel excels at facilitating conversations and asking probing questions. She brings great perspective to topics at hand and has an authentic approach to coaching and encouragement of those under her stewardship. Thank you Dr. Kappel for all you do.

I. Lee

Branch Head – Multimedia Support Norfolk Naval.




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