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Erin Owen, Coach/Facilitator


Erin Owen

Erin digs deeper to uncover transformative insights.

With a holistic approach that incorporates the latest in neuroscience and thousand-year-old wisdom, Erin has inspired change in thousands of clients from twenty-plus nationalities

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Flexibly utilize intriguing coaching technologies
  • Unlock hidden wisdom and untapped potential
  • Foresee growth opportunities and “connect the dots” to evolve their careers
  • Creatively design coaching fieldwork to be meaningful, motivating, and impactful
  • mixes research-backed, science-based approaches with the spiritual
  • Care deeply about their overall well-being
Areas of expertise:
  • Rising leaders stepping up to the next level of transitioning from technical expert to leading through others
  • Stakeholder management
  • Effective Communication
  • Neuroscience-informed embodied leadership
  • Navigation workplace complexity across cultural, gender, and generational boundaries
  • Work-life integration
  • Holistic approaches to stress management
  • Clarifying vision and goals

Erin’s diverse professional background provides context and nuance to her coaching approach. She has lived and worked in China, traveled throughout Asia, and speaks Mandarin Chinese. In addition to her MBA from Kellogg, she has completed numerous certifications focused on actualizing human performance and potential. She leverages her knowledge of neurobiology and her cross-industry and cross-cultural experience to take a unique approach to helping clients more effectively manage their professional lives, grow their leadership capacity and resilience, and lead healthier, happier, more productive lives. Since returning from a nomadic year of exploration with her family during the pandemic, Erin has enjoyed living near the hiking trails of the Wissahickon in Philadelphia with her husband, two growing boys, and Labrador retriever.

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Client Testimonials

Erin is one of the most exceptional executive coaches and facilitators I’ve ever worked with and I would highly recommend her to support with individual and team development.

Lulu Ge

Founder & CEO at Elix, former Head of Change Management at Hudson’s Bay Company (Saks Fifth Avenue)

I greatly appreciate Erin’s calm, steady & relaxed demeanor as well as the breadth of insights she brings … she possesses a great mix of experiences/insights that were particularly useful to me. I can’t imagine achieving the breakthrough in understanding what I am looking for specifically in my career without having worked with Erin.

Lauren Kaskiel

Chief Business Officer at Code Biotherapeutics, former Head of Program & Alliance Management at Spark Therapeutics

Consistently, the highest ratings for our leadership program come from the one-on-one leadership coaching Erin does with our program participants.

Donna Chrobot-Mason

Director of the Women's Leadership program at the University of Cincinnati

Erin is particularly good at helping me prioritize, organize my thoughts, and develop an actionable plan of attack at times when my tasks at hand seem overwhelming…Very often, her questions also prompt me to connect the different aspects of my life and develop insights as to how to become a better person overall.”

Karl Chan

Founder of Sourcy Global, formerly in VC/Growth Equity with International Finance Corporation

I would highly recommend Erin to those seeking a tailored and outcome based coaching experience. Her depth of career coaching experience, insight, patience, empathy and flexibility with my ever-changing schedule were remarkable

Arsheya Devitre

SVP, Strategy & Growth, EF Education First

Erin brought such great energy to our executive team while she was helping us to develop more clarity around our company's strategic vision and our team building philosophies. Her ability to operate in several different "dimensions" as an executive coach was key to our success. Erin has a unique perspective about how to combine proven leadership concepts with Eastern philosophies, and I highly recommend her to any entrepreneurial leader

Brian MacClaren

COO and Co-Founder, NOVACES LLC

Erin’s communication skills are extraordinary: she always finds ways to reframe and help me see issues and challenges in new and creative ways.

Peter Karp

etired Corporate Account Executive, KRCB Television




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