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Kate Shaw

Kate inspires people and organizations to think outside the box.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience in highly creative organizations, Kate leverages her deep expertise in people and organizations to help leaders thrive.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Making others feel deeply seen and heard
  • Appreciating organizational complexity
  • Balancing boldness and compassion
  • Inspiring out-of-the-box thinking
  • Integrating vision and action
Areas of expertise:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team facilitation
  • Organizational hypergrowth
  • Talent development
  • Culture design
  • Diversity and inclusion

Kate is a creative, and people and organizations are her medium. She has spent the last 25 years spearheading talent development in companies that have creative disruption in their DNA. Whether it was at Airbnb, Apple, or Lucasfilm, Kate was known as a change maker - a leader who pushed the envelope to drive ever-increasing levels of purpose and performance. She was part cultural anthropologist (What is uniquely special about this place and the people who are here? What should we preserve and protect?), and part instigator (What brave conversations do we need to have and what moves do we need to make to unlock what’s next?) She loves nothing more than helping people and teams achieve extraordinary things.

Kate lives in San Francisco with her husband and two teenage sons. When she’s not living her best life at her sons’ basketball tournaments, she’s hosting travelers in her backyard, rebuilding houses, and dreaming about her next adventure.

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Client Testimonials

Kate was truly amazing at our company off-site. I get access to some of the best leaders in the world, but none of that could be replaced by what I experienced today. Thank you.


Tech Company

The sessions Kate moderated for our leadership team were both absolutely world-class. It's truly impressive to watch a master facilitator put these learning sessions in action.

VP of Operations

Tech Company

I am quite impressed by Kate’s coaching style; the "complicated' principles turned out to be quite simple to understand as they were taught by Kate. [It] reminds me of an ancient Chinese poem "That rain went down lightly and peacefully, which watered everything quietly". I remember I thought, "This is so amazing. How can I be like this, too?"

Lead Engineer

Tech Company

Kate is incredible, and I don't say that lightly. She has a gift for listening and picking up on details and common threads - and for providing light structure where there are takeaways from each session without it feeling like a lesson plan. I feel so lucky to be coached by Kate, and I know others do too.


Tech Company

Kate always listens carefully and asks the right clarifying questions. She clearly has clearly a ton of experience but does not "show off" because of it, and behaves as a humble supporter. I have found all models or books that she has recommended to be extremely relevant and insightful.


Performing Arts




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