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Kelly Kirkpatrick, Coach/Facilitator


Kelly Kirkpatrick

Kelly helps leaders develop the best version of themselves.

As a licensed psychotherapist with experience in human resources, Kelly uses her rare combination of skills to help leaders make mindset shifts that lead to big breakthroughs.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Be supportive of their development while holding them accountable
  • Help leaders understand the motivations influencing their decision-making processes
  • Take in the big picture and partner on solutions
  • Teach the value of being present and curious
  • Teach the power of listening – between the words
  • Be a calm head in times of crisis
Areas of expertise:
  • Leadership Development – C-Suite and high potentials, especially with startups
  • Communication Skills – verbal, nonverbal, tone and body language
  • Confidence and calculated risk taking - overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Creating Trust - openness, flexibility, and authenticity – leading by example


Kelly is an experienced HR professional with years of experience in several areas of human resources, with a focus on development, including talent development, org development, policy, engagement, DEI, belongingness, performance appraisal, coaching and counseling, and training.

Her second career as a Psychotherapist helped her to expand her innate capacity to make someone feel seen, heard, and understood. She is a calm head in times of chaos. She loves to help people discover their true passions. She prides herself in saying the thing that everyone is thinking, but too afraid to say.

Kelly holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology Pacifica Graduate Institute and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and spends her downtime cooking, hiking, and hanging with her two children.

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