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Leif E. Mollo

Leif thrives on helping others achieve their goals and overcome adversity. With over 27 years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer, Leif leads, develops, and inspires excellence, integrity, and resilience in teams and individuals so they can prevail and succeed no matter what the challenge or situation.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • ‘Level up’ leaders and teams leveraging his diverse experiences
  • Simplify complex problems
  • Partner with leaders and teams to find realistic and attainable solutions
  • Apply a human-centric approach, employing empathy and humility as superpowers
  • Assess, discern, and adapt to ambiguous situations
  • Challenge and inspire people to be the best version of themselves
Areas of expertise:
  • High performing teams operating in ambiguous and unforgiving environments •Leading with resilience through crisis, change, and/or major industry/org pivots
  • Pro-sports, tech/gaming, and defense industry leadership, whether it be the ballfields, battlefield, or boardroom
  • Creative leadership in teams that have to balance results and accountability with the need for content/craft creation space and flexibility

A recipient of the prestigious, peer-nominated US Navy's Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership, Leif Mollo has a track record of proven leadership and operational excellence in the most challenging and complex no-fail environments. With a reputation for taking on the hardest jobs and solving the toughest problems, Leif was consistently sought after by senior military leaders for strategic perspective, nuanced perception, objective analysis, creative vision, and calm presence. He was also a popular coach and mentor, work that he continues with high performing professionals today. After retiring from the military, Leif successfully transferred his unique expertise into the world of professional sports and the tech/gaming industry. His close work with pro athletes, coaches, game industry leaders and creatives has added additional unique dimensions and perspective to his military experience. Leif and his spouse of over 30 years live in San Diego and are proud parents of UCLA and USC grads (a house divided!) and two dogs. Leif enjoys surfing, fitness, ice hockey, gaming, music, art, and adventures in his converted Sprinter van.

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Client Testimonials

Leif was a pleasure to meet and really connected with the group. Most of us were a little intimidated and unsure of what questions to pose. As soon as we started the apprehension melted away and it was a great session...I would strongly recommend him for any future dates/needs. The timing was perfect, but we could have spent the whole day with him!

G2 Ops

Leif… was often sought out as an expert by many teams and individuals for leadership, team building and collaboration expertise..it’s crucial our leaders set the bar for collaboration and communication with many different teams across the studio. Leif not only was able to achieve this, he was able to level up leaders around him through mentorship and with an approach that was adaptable to each different leader.

Adam Swanson

Director Central Creative Services, Riot Games

In project after project, from one role to another, he had an uncanny ability to find work, fill gaps, and create opportunities. He unblocked approaches and provided options to his organization… I am in awe of people like Leif - those who have the capability to do nearly anything, yet the humility to support others’ objectives. Those who have the experience to be an administrator but the hunger to remain a craftsperson. There is no organization on the planet which would not benefit from his presence in any capacity.

Sean Balas

Senior Manager Audio Discipline, Riot Games




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