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Liz Marino, Coach/Facilitator


Liz Marino

Liz helps clients become the leader they aspire to be.

With more fifteen years of leadership and coaching experience, Liz uses tactical and personal conversations to help clients get where they want to go.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Center the work on their goals and ambitions
  • Support them in their growth across all aspects of their life
  • Offer direct and specific feedback on how they present and communicate
  • Provide thought partnership around challenging strategic questions
  • Help them sharpen and communicate their vision in ways that inspire others to action
Areas of expertise:
  • Non-profit leadership and teams
  • Start-ups in the midst of rapid growth
  • Parents of young children
  • New and emerging leaders
  • Strengthening partnerships among leaders on a team
  • Leading through transitions (professional and personal)

Liz has over 15 years’ experience leading fast-growing non-profits that focused on using coaching to decrease racial disparities in educational outcomes. Having been an Executive Director and Chief of Growth and Strategy she has deep experience in the many challenges leaders face and, as a mother to two young daughters, the competing demands on ambitious working parents. A graduate of Boston College with a Master’s degree in teaching, Liz began her career as a middle school teacher in the South Bronx. Once she gets going she can’t stop talking about  books, yoga, and parenting. She lives outside Boston with her husband and 9 and 7 year old daughters and can be found photographing her crew surfing on beaches up and down the New England coast 12 months a year.

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Client Testimonials

Liz and I worked together for five years as part of a senior leadership team at Duet - a coaching non-profit in Boston. In my role (Chief Operating Officer) and Liz's (Chief of Growth and Strategy) we worked very closely together to lead the day to day operations of the organization and set the direction for the future. I always appreciated Liz as a partner because of her ability to anticipate challenges, raise hard questions and think about the implication of decisions on other parts of our work. She is able to synthesize complex information and distill it down to the most important question to answer or idea to communicate. She was an important thought partner to me and our CEO on all issues ranging from financial to personnel to growth planning and helped our leadership team stay focused on the big picture. She will be an asset to any leader dealing with the ever changing challenges of leading a fast growing organization.

Michele Carroll

Duet Chief Operating Officer

I was introduced to Liz when I was a brand new Executive Director at a Boston area non-profit. Liz's support was instrumental as a new leader learning on the fly how to fundraise, work with a board of directors, and lead a team of employees. I have continued to seek her support over the past 5 years. Even now as a more seasoned leader I find our conversations immensely helpful. Liz provides lots of practical guidance around the trickiest parts of the job: personnel issues, creating and communicating a compelling strategic plan, and identifying creative new fundraising ideas. Our work also develops me as a leader, we process challenges that arise and my response to them, and make sure I am working in a way that is sustainable. Every week I look forward to our conversations to have space to process and talk with a peer - they are like a warm hug to wrap up my week.

Rachel Kanter

Minds Matter Boston Executive Director

For years Liz has been an invaluable resource to my personal and professional growth. As part of my support network, she has helped me with resume building, salary negotiations, and how to handle different challenges that arise in the workplace. Through reflective conversations, advice, and career coaching, Liz has always pushed me to become the best version of myself. I count myself lucky to have someone like her in my corner. I recommend her to anyone looking to advance their career and grow in their leadership.

Jennifer Delgado


I decided to work with Liz after having my first baby and was dealing with the transition of becoming a mom in a leadership role in a high intensity work environment. As someone who has always struggled with setting boundaries, Liz taught me how to prioritize my day, manage my schedule in a way that works for both my professional/personal life and has given me the courage to speak up about opportunities for working moms. She also supported me through negotiating a significant salary increase in my current role by helping me articulate my case through data points, getting comps from the industry and confidence coaching which helped me access a significant increase.

Rachel D




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