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Melissa Hinrichs, Coach/Facilitator


Melissa Hinrichs

Melissa inspires the ideas and actions that drive success.

With 20+ years’ immersion in the study of talent, Melissa applies a strengths-based lens to uncover, explore and grow the potential of every individual and team.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Channel open dialogue, inquiry and accountability towards meaningful outcomes grounded in purpose and practice
  • Combine her business and positive psychology backgrounds to help leaders measurably improve performance and personal effectiveness
  • Inspire ideas and actions that drive personal and professional success, wellbeing, team alignment and organizational impact
Areas of expertise:
  • High potential employees expanding from individual contributor roles into people and process management roles
  • Executive Leaders looking to multiply their impact by expanding their role to engage others through talent development
  • Start-ups and rapidly growing businesses working to create meaningful culture through practice and people development
  • Boosting measurable outcomes by implementing skillsets based in organizational psychology

A certified Clifton Strengths coach, Melissa resides in Omaha, where she graduated with a major in communications from the University of Nebraska. She and her husband, Kris, and their two children, Lauren and Porter, enjoy spending time playing with Auggie, their lovable Goldendoodle. They also love exploring the mountains and water any chance they can get, celebrating cuisine and culture by cooking and eating together, and staying active through outdoor activities.

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Client Testimonials

Melissa brings gifted professional experience and learned but seasoned practices to her passion of recognizing and developing what is right in people and helping them explore and discover their best fit in career and life. She has proven she can work with large corporations or smaller and emerging businesses in shaping leaders and teams with a personal touch that gets needed corporate results.


Professor, Point Loma University

Melissa worked with our team to help us understand our natural talents and strengths. Her work has helped us become more productive as a team. She draws upon years of coaching and facilitating experience and we couldn’t be happier with what we learned.

Dan Douglas

Founder and President of Iridian Group

Melissa was great to partner with! She and her team provided coaching that helped individuals gain more self-awareness, understanding of our talents and how to best apply them in order to achieve optimal personal and business outcomes. During a facilitated team session, she guided us in identifying ways to better collaborate and work as a more cohesive team.


Assistant General Manager, Stormchasers

Melissa brings a keen ability to listen, simplify complex problems and create individualized solutions that meet the demands of our business. She is my life-line to help me problem solve with people-centric solutions that meet the growing demands of our business.

Lesley Brandt

Owner, PlanitOmaha

I have become a better leader and have increased the performance of my team through my partnership with Melissa. She focuses on the strengths of the team and helps us better achieve goals by calling upon our talents. A trusted advisor, we face challenges together so we may become a leading workplace in employee engagement.

Randy Brown

Director of Talent and Strengths Development, Monroe Public Schools




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