Melissa Hinrichs

Melissa Hinrichs has immersed herself in the study of talent for over 22 years with the belief that everyone has talent to offer to others, their workplace and world. She enjoys uncovering, exploring and growing these strengths to help leaders maximize their effectiveness through application of their leadership capabilities.

Through partnerships in industries such as retail, hospitality, banking, medical, k-12 education and higher education; Melissa builds trusting partnerships through open dialogue, inquiry and accountability. She inspires ideas and actions that drive both personal and professional success by focusing on leaders’ challenges and opportunities, their development and wellbeing, their team engagement and their broader organizational impact. Her approach is grounded in positive psychology and helps people become the best versions of themselves, identifying strategies to reach performance goals and outcomes.


Melissa discovered her passion for positive psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in her undergraduate career. She continued to grow that passion into a way of life and professional focus through her consulting practice at Gallup Inc., Lightbox Coaching and Consulting, Talent+ and work at Pearson Publishing. As a certified Clifton Strengths coach, she applies a strengths based lens to help executives, managers and leaders overcome challenges and deliver increased results through consulting. She has lead strengths-based conferences to engage thought leaders and difference makers from all over the world.

Melissa and her family reside in Omaha. Her husband, Kris, and their two children, Lauren and Porter, enjoy spending time playing with Auggie, their lovable Goldendoodle. They also enjoy exploring the mountains and the ocean at any chance they can get, celebrating cuisine and culture by cooking and eating together, and staying active through yoga and outdoor activities.