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Pam Yudko, Coach/Facilitator


Pam Yudko

Pam is in the business of changing lives.

Pam’s authentic style empowers clients to create movement, find balance and break up with old patterns. By partnering to create simple steps, she gets big results.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Identify potential distractions and blocks
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Increase motivation and engagement
  • Leverage natural strengths
  • Help clients receive and apply feedback constructively
Areas of expertise:
  • Building rapport with executives to get transformative results
  • Empowering clients to recognize what is blocking them from getting to the “next level”
  • Strengthening character and improving leadership skills
  • Generating solutions to the problems at hand
  • Promoting self-discovery as a tool to grow personally and thrive professionally

Pam has a Master’s of Science in Education from Brooklyn College and a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development from Binghamton University. Pam received her Certification in Administration and Supervision from St. Rose College and is certified as a Holistic Health Coach from both the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Health Coach Institute. She also received her Mastery Level Transformational Life Coaching Certification from Holistic MBA. A New York City native currently residing in Southern California, when she is not changing lives, Pam is reading, writing, running, biking, and cooking for her husband and two teenage children.

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Client Testimonials

Pam practices what she preaches. When she speaks to you, she is actively engaged and focused on how to help you become the best “you”. She is instantly likable and the definition of authentic. She leaves a positive impact. My colleagues raved about their sessions and how they plan to redefine who they are based on their learnings. I feel 100% the same way!


Salix Pharmaceutical

This was my first experience working with an executive coach, so I was unsure what kind of value I would get from the process, but I'm really pleased to say that I'm walking away from the program with some very clear development goals. I feel like Pam and I gelled very easily, and I was able to quickly get to the point with her. She held me accountable for the deliverables on my side, and the structure that was in place was a great way to keep moving things forward. On a personal level, Pam was so supportive, friendly and easy to talk to. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to staying in touch.

Neil Smith

Senior Director - Iterable

Pam was influential in my journey leaving law and becoming one of the most highly sought-after On-Air lifestyle experts in the country. Pam encouraged me to see what differentiated me from others and supported me to bring my strengths and gifts to the table. Her guidance to be authentic and true to who I am in the industry has been an instrumental piece of my success. Pam is authentic, easy to connect to and always finds a way to provide simple steps to move forward in high pressured situations and chaotic environments. I am constantly being shown the “message in the mess” with Pam’s guidance. I recommend Pam to anyone and everyone who is ready to grow, change and laugh.


Closet Gold/On-Air Correspondent

Pam is my “blessing in disguise.” My company hired Pam to help me build confidence in myself, my work and my gifts that I use professionally (and personally). Working with Pam, I have learned more about myself than I thought was possible. She helped me identify my process to build my confidence muscle, curb my perfectionist self, and respond to thoughts in the best way. Pam is down-to-earth, easy to connect with and so supportive of my goals. I can’t wait to see the person I am in 6 months with her help.

Senior Research Associate

The Stevenson Group

Working with Pam has been life changing. Pam listens but more importantly she gives CLEAR guided direction of what you can do. Working with Pam has a beginning, middle and end – end meaning goals are met. Whether in person or over the phone she is present 1000%. Her tool bag has things that actually fix issues. Her clarity is contagious, her compassion is not condescending, and her challenges will change your life if you let them.


Media Maison LLC NYC and Hong Kong




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