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Rajesh Kumar, Coach/Facilitator


Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh blends science-backed strategies and emotional intelligence into actionable insights.

Rajesh combines 25+ years of experience in the corporate world with strategies from the latest neuroscience research to provide actionable insights that help high-performers realize their potential.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Listen — to what is being said, but also what is not being said
  • Always be present and operate in their best interests
  • Never shy away from speaking the truth
  • Bring to bear his extensive experience in working with, mentoring, and leading high-performers in the high-tech industry
  • Cut through the noise and focus on what matters
  • Provide mentoring on resolving communication challenges
Areas of expertise:
  • Executive coaching
  • 360 Reviews
  • Team dynamics
  • Neuroscience-based strategies
  • Performance management and feedback
  • Communication skills, with emphasis on public speaking

Rajesh is an ICF accredited coach, trained and certified by the Co-Active Training Institute. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and worked as a Software Engineer in the field of wireless communications for over 25 years. In addition to his technical roles, Rajesh was an integral member of the line management organization, responsible for critical functions such as recruiting, team building, and performance management.  Rajesh pioneered several new processes in these areas that he continues to leverage today. An accomplished public speaker, Rajesh has developed training programs targeted at under-represented groups in the high-tech industry. Rajesh, who grew up and did his early education in India, now lives in sunny San Diego along with his wife and two sons. Passionate for reading, travel, photography, and sports of all kinds, he stays active with regular running, yoga, and golf.

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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Rajesh for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in people management, and over the years, many people, including myself, didn't hesitate to seek out Rajesh's perspective or advice on all manner of work-related topics. His management and technical experience gives him a large body of information to draw from when understanding new situations. And his strong communication skills really helped to summarize those situations and suggest paths to move forward. I have wholeheartedly recommended him to friends and acquaintances as a coach.

Vito Bica

Sr Director of Engineering, and former head of Corporate Software R&D at a Fortune 500 Company

My experience with Arke Coaching has been a very beneficial one for helping me to develop my career and to find more satisfaction in my job. During our first session I had a few “aha” moments that made me realize I had been needing to talk to someone like Rajesh for longer than I would like to admit. He helped me to come upon my own conclusions by guiding the conversation but never pushing his opinions on me as advice. I found this very valuable because I am now able to take the things I have learned from our sessions and apply them to my career organically because they are ideas and values that I came up with. Where I used to feel intimidated or out of line, I now feel empowered to steer my career in the direction that I want it go thanks to the sessions I had with Rajesh

Laura Miles

Software Engineer

I have been working with Rajesh for several months and our coaching sessions have been both fun and insightful. He is very caring and compassionate, and completely nonjudgmental about my so-called hang-ups. He cheers my gains and offers support when I'm struggling. His reminders to honor the values that "rock my boat" and to turn down the volume of the saboteurs in my head have helped me to feel more like I'm choosing my life's path, rather than merely rolling with the punches. Many thanks, Rajesh, for the beautiful changes you have helped facilitate for me! I am grateful.

Brenda C

In the over 10 years of working with Rajesh in people management, I have seen him be a leader in building a culture of teamwork and trust which was rewarded with very high retention rates. He does this by recognizing how individual achievement and happiness contribute to the overall success of the team. Rajesh’s clever sense of humor puts people at ease, allowing him to navigate to the crux of issues. He is also a highly effective communicator and offers advice in a way that people can incorporate to become the best versions of themselves. Rajesh has a true and vested interest in the people he works with and encourages and dares them towards steps with positive impact .

Kevin Lee

Director of Engineering (Ret)

Rajesh was the engineering team coach at Inflection. He coached people individually and observed/improved team dynamics as well. Rajesh’s insights into team dynamics and uncovering the delta between intent and interpretation helped the engineering leadership team up level their game. He also coached some of the leaders to far superior performance. His background in technology and his deep insights into motivations helped Inflection’s distributed engineering team to a much higher level of teamwork. I highly recommend Rajesh, and plan to continue using him in the future.

Siddharth Ram

former Chief Technology Officer at Inflection




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