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Sharon Grossman

With 20+ years aiding executives, Dr. Sharon delves deep, uncovers root issues, and guides clients to lasting personal and professional transformation.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Challenge their thinking
  • Identify blind spots
  • Create a safe and supportive space
  • Offer creative and innovative solutions to challenges
  • Facilitate self-awareness, helping them gain confidence
  • Promote collaboration and compassion among individuals and teams
Areas of expertise:
  • Guiding senior leaders to maximize productivity without burning out.
  • Advising startup founders and CEOs on effective leadership strategies for success.
  • Training managers on Emotional Intelligence to minimize stress and better support their teams.
  • Designing and leading team-building retreats and workshops that promote unity and cohesion.
  • Addressing a variety of coaching topics such as burnout, imposter syndrome, stress management, executive presence, work-life balance, resilience, boundaries, and self-compassion.

Dr. Sharon Grossman is the Founder of Performance Alchemy Group. Holding a PhD in Psychology from Fordham University, she has over two decades of expertise in various roles, including therapist, executive coach, trainer, keynote speaker, and performance consultant. Sharon is also the author of "The Solution to Burnout" and "The Stress Advantage." She calls Miami Beach her home.

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Client Testimonials

Holy cow- I am doing 1000% better- best decision I have made in my career - Sharon helped me out so much by leaving a toxic culture and into a great organization.

Dan Lynch

Senior Credit Officer at J. P. Morgan

Sharon's coaching was very, very beneficial. It opened up a lot of things that I could see and gave me the tools to be able to deal with them.

Brad Churchill

CEO at US Erectors

I went from feeling desperate and overwhelmed to more in control, thanks to Sharon's coaching. It gave me valuable tools for both work and personal life.

Kris Stecker

CEO and President at Spa Tech Institute

Facing a new position, I didn't realize I was close to burnout. Sharon's coaching provided real-life tools for transformation. I'm still performance-driven but no longer overwhelmed by my goals.

Paula Barngrover


Sharon's strategies have definitely improved my life. I've reignited my passion but in a healthier balance. I feel better about myself and have reduced substance use. Her program has made a significant positive impact.

Jack O’Connell

Partner, Essex Suites




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