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Stace Williams, Coach/Facilitator


Stace Williams

Stace develops leaders’ excellence.

A passionate, seasoned consultant, Stace blends empathetic candor with pragmatic optimism to help clients achieve audacious goals that yield dramatic enhancements in organizational climate, employee engagement, and business results.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Meet them where they are
  • Show them unconditional positive regard
  • Accept them as full and complete, rather than needing to be fixed
  • Demonstrate the conviction that the client knows best what they need
  • Serve as a supportive accountability partner
Areas of expertise:
  • Executives and C-suite leaders responsible for leading the enterprise, especially in times of transformation
  • Leaders of leaders who want to lead authentically and bring out the best in others
  • Technical leaders — experienced or emerging — who want their leadership skills to be as strong as their technical competencies
  • Any leader who wants to create and sustain a culture of inclusion and belonging
  • Industries including aerospace, biopharma, defense, energy, finance, healthcare, insurance, technology, and telecom.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Trained as a mechanical engineer, since 1990, Stace has worked with clients in hundreds of respected organizations across 5 continents. Her certifications include: Behavioral EQ, TRACOM Group; Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification, NetSpeed Learning Solutions; EQ-i 2.0®/EQ 360®, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS). Stace lives in Arvada, CO on the lands of the Cheyenne people. Married with a grown stepson, she is a dedicated meditator who enjoys hiking, skiing, and great craft beers.

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Client Testimonials

We hired Stace to take our growing company, but disorganized culture, leadership and middle-management team to an organized, fluent and efficient well-oiled machine. Our Purpose was ‘to strengthen our [company] through genuine leadership, fluid communication, improved coaching and increased empowerment so that our people win now and for the future.’ We achieved much more than we thought was possible. Thank you, Stace.


Technology Start-up

Here’s what was most impressive about my work with Stace. While I did find some immediate benefits to the work we were doing together, I actually found myself more than two years later looking back to my work with her and applying those skills in a new job environment. Simply put, Stace teaches professional development skills that will last and pay off in ways that you won’t expect.

Deputy Director

Nonprofit Environmental Agency

You have been an amazing coach and I am so impressed with your empathy and skills to read my updates and find a key area to point me in a positive direction. I can't believe it has been almost a year since we started my coaching engagement. You have always been in my comer even when I'm critical of myself and each meeting/message has helped me keep on track and make improvements. Each of your prompts focused me on key areas to learn and improve. Even my boss recognized the improvements you helped me make and became a strong supporter of coaching for development.


Medical Devices Company

I feel fortunate to have been paired with Stace. She’s chosen a career where her shining star is so apparent, it can’t help but inspire others to unlock theirs--thank you for being a positive change agent.

Senior Partner

Global Consulting Firm




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