Susan Brown

Susan Brown is a leadership and resilience coach. Over the last several decades, she has built her expertise across multiple genres of talent management including staffing, onboarding, career development and transition, management and leadership development and employee engagement.

Susan works with her clients to build their capacity for high performance across multiple dimensions of energy: physical, emotional and mental. She has held a variety of senior level positions in Silicon Valley over the last several decades most recently as the Vice President of West Coast Sales for The Energy Project, a consulting firm addressing the prevailing issue of corporate burnout. Prior to that, Susan spent five years as a Vice President with BlessingWhite, an employee engagement organization focused on building competencies.

After many years of serving organizations and excelling as a top performer, Susan found herself facing fatigue and burnout as demands on her time and energy increased. She saw this disturbing pattern with her clients as well. Determined to overcome this growing challenge for herself and her clients, Susan delved into the world of energy management. She readily applied the principals in her own life, personally and professionally and experienced a profound shift on multiple levels.

Based on her vast experience, Susan has developed a coaching framework that focuses on the whole person. Her process includes assessing the client’s current operating mode, key competencies and areas for growth. She co-creates a plan to execute for success and tracks progress with the client and key constituents, as appropriate. Susan finds working with clients to develop both their capacity and competencies to be quite transformational.

Over Susan’s nearly 30 years of corporate experience she has partnered with a myriad of organizations including: Kaiser, Facebook, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Box, eBay, PayPal, 3M, Genentech, VMWare, Gilead, LinkedIn, Juniper Networks and Opus One amongst others.

Susan is certified as a coach/mentor through HeartMath Institute as well as has certifications in the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy and Liberal Arts. She serves on the philanthropy board of Sutter Hospital and is co-located in the San Francisco Bay Area and her home and retreat center in the sierra foothills.