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Susan Brown, Coach/Facilitator


Susan Brown

Susan inspires transformation.

With over three decades of experience, Susan leverages a scientifically proven coaching framework to identify limiting beliefs, create inspiring visions for success, and guide her clients to breakthrough results.

Abilities that Clients appreciate:
  • Identify and shift unhelpful thought patterns
  • Ask mind-opening questions to gain clarity and insight
  • Teach how to tap into intuition for inspiration and guidance
  • Strategize, prioritize, plan and execute on goals
  • Navigate organizational politics and challenging workplace relationships
Areas of expertise:
  • Effective communication for resolving conflict,  increasing collaboration and gaining follower-ship
  • Core values alignment and internal attainment for better decision making
  • Leveraging the science of high performance for increased productivity and overall happiness
  • Workforce resilience practices for an ever-changing world
  • Authentic and inspiring leadership for leaders at all levels
  • Career and leadership development    and growth

Susan is certified as a coach/mentor through HeartMath Institute and has certifications in the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy and Liberal Arts. She serves on the philanthropy board of Sutter Hospital and is co-located in the San Francisco Bay Area and her home and retreat center in the Sierra foothills.

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client testimonials

I worked closely with Susan to develop a leader on my team who was taking on a bigger role and working through addressing personal challenges. The transformation was tremendous to everyone on the team and throughout the organization. Susan brings experience, expertise, drive, and a refreshing levity to the world of coaching. This driven, yet down-to-earth style makes working with her an absolute pleasure.

Head of Global Customer Service

Music Industry

At a time when I was unclear about my professional goals and life direction, Susan helped me find clarity, develop strategies to show up at my best, and visualize a short-term future state that I considered unlikely at the time and was able to attain only half a year later with her guidance and direction. Organically creating a space of trust and consideration, she enables you to explore the full spectrum of possibilities and guides you in distilling the options until you reach the best solution. Susan is exceptional in her coaching, motivates you to commit to a value-aligned life and successfully leads you in achieving hard-to-reach objectives, all the while sharing your excitement at every milestone along the way.

Annick D’Pierre

Client Service Director, The Energy Project

Susan was recommended to me after a recent promotion where I needed to manage multiple teams and had several direct reports. This was a bit daunting at first due to the increased responsibility. I knew I needed some solid tools/methods to deal with the increased stress and workload. With her expertise in coaching leaders, and a focus on energy maximizing techniques, I was able to organize my tasks and projects, while giving the guidance and leadership my team needed in order to be a high performing workgroup. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough for any organization that is looking for an empathetic and professional leadership coach.

Benjamin Thompson

Head of Customer Service, America’s Native Instruments

Susan really listened to my issues, showed a great depth of understanding and empathy, and had some insightful suggestions to help me get on a different path. She was able to relate to my challenges, provide deep levels of insight on my situation and offer science-based resources to help get me “unstuck.” I felt very safe and supported as she guided me appropriately to new ways of thinking and offered resources that I’ve already found helpful. I feel much more hopeful and have a solid plan to move forward with.

Chief Sales Officer

Human Capital Consulting, New York, NY

What an amazing experience! I was slightly nervous about this process as I’ve never had this type of one-on-one coaching before but Susan made me feel comfortable by providing an atmosphere of support, encouragement and trust. Besides supporting me in my development goals, Susan took the time to listen and provide valuable feedback and tools with many of the challenges I was facing as a leader. She actually did more than just “provide.” She helped guide me to apply what I was learning through role-playing and exercises. She truly cared about my growth. And helped me to embrace how my development and growth as a leader can benefit not only myself but those I lead and support. I am excited for the opportunities that will come from this coaching experience!

Cindy Sheridan

National Call Center Director, Liberty Military Housing




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