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Every organization wants its leaders to excel and grow to their full potential, it benefits all parties. Companies that invest in and support the ongoing development efforts of their leaders are typically the most successful at delivering on their business goals.  There are always a handful of exceptions to this rule and they are almost always a company with a product so superior to the market they actually completely rewrite the rules and standards for every company in the world trying to compete with them. Sadly for them, there are 5 times more companies who THINK they are one of these exceptions but in reality are nowhere close. 

With regards to developing and learning and looking to get a little better every day, The reality, of course, is that every person grows at their own pace, and many leaders need an extra push to get them headed in the right direction or with the right intensity. Many leaders either don’t know where to begin their development work, and others may simply feel too busy to invest in their leadership. 

If you or the leaders in your business, need to reset your focus on leadership development and be able to establish clear and achievable milestones for ongoing progress, EngagedLeadership’s Coaching Intensive will meet that need.

This Coaching Intensive work focuses on every aspect of your leadership –  it helps create broad and holistic changes that will help shape your leadership for years to come.

Keep reading to learn about the elements of our Coaching Intensive and how it can serve your organization. 

1. Your Leader’s Coach 

Our Coaches partner with your leaders for three months of highly focused development targeted at the individual's specific opportunities. Our Coaches encourage your leaders, challenge them and provide a truly safe space to grow their self-awareness and leadership approaches. They will learn to find the right balance of guidance and encouragement for  them to  pave the way for themselves when the Coach steps away.. They get to know your leaders as unique human beings, understanding how to help them most effectively hear and integrate the key messages that will best serve them today. 

2. Your Leader’s Key Constituents  

360 feedback is one of the most valuable tools that exist for leadership development and gathering feedback. Unfortunately there are far too many “assessments” out there that so inundate the Coachee with information, and often vague and generalized data that the OCachee cannot appropriately focus and learn, let alone integrate the most im;portant messages they need to hear; we approach this differently. 

In our process, 8-12 of the leader’s key constituents (team members, manager, peers, etc)  will be asked to provide feedback to the coach. The questions we ask immediately get to the core of what THIS leader needs to hear. How they operate at their most effective level and quickly identifying the patterns they exhibit that negatively impact others. The Coach will closely and holistically then gather, analyze and then discuss the results with the leader. 

The intervention of an external coach is uniquely invaluable:

  • The Coach is able to: gather feedback in a way no internal person ever could
  • They provide an outside, non-threatening presence whose only goal is helping this leader learn and become more effective
  •  The Coach’s training and expertise ensures they can deliver even the toughest criticisms with empathy and an approach that ensures that THIS leader can hear and internalize the insights they need to begin improving immediately. 

The Coach typically conducts shadowing with the leaders they work with, investing the time to watch your managers working and interacting in order to understand what is actually happening as the leader works. Leaders can only see what they can see (we all have blind spots), further few teammates are skilled leadership observers capable of giving concise and useful coaching observations. 

Our Coaches excel at doing exactly that. Most coaching approaches rely on “self-reporting” from the manager being coached. Our experience tells us this is a mistake. If each of us were actually able to clearly see the impacts of our behaviors and \clearly, development and growth would be far far easier. Once your leaders experience our Coaching Intensive, they will be far better armed to see their impacts, reflect on their interactions and more clearly and objectively, speeding and smoothing their progress going forward.

3. The Plan
The Coach will help your leader create an action plan based on the 360 feedback and a self-assessment. They will ensure it is clear and actionable, and that suitable measures are created to help them manage their own growth going forward. Every step of this process is designed to leave your leaders prepared to take full ownership of their coaching feedback and make consistent and useful progress.

4. Your Leader’s Manager 

As the Coaching Intensive engagement comes to a close, your leader’s manager will become more and more involved in the coaching process to ensure that everyone is on the same page. In addition to the person being coached, their manager will also leave this work with a clearer understanding of their role in your leader’s development plan so that they can help their leader be successful after Coaching work has ended.

Investing in your company’s leadership doesn’t have to be a “maybe one day” wish. Using our Coaching Intensive and feedback process, the leaders in your company can make significant progress in just  3 months. Schedule a call with EngagedLeadership today and start seeing the impact of your leaders grow! 


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